In Wales, a long time ago, there was a custom that on the day of the wedding, the bride would hide from the party, and when the groom's friends found her, the wedding could commence. The bride would be given a headstart, then allowed to run while the groom's friends waited for her to hide.

Rhys and Meinir, a happy couple who had been together for months, were finally getting married, and so went along with the procedure. Despite the rain, Meinir ran off to find a place to hide, eventually taking a hiding place in a narrow hollow tree.

However, during the rain, lightning struck the tree, and Meinir found she couldn't get out. Being frazzled by shocks of lightning and trapped, with no food or water, she was left, terrified, in the tree.

The storm drove Rhys' friends inside, and Rhys was petrified that his loved one was outside in the storm, but thought that she could find her way home. But when she didn't turn up for weeks, eventually turning into months, he was more afraid than ever, turning insane and paranoid, giving up and running away to the mountains.

Back to the time, Meinir was trapped in the tree, desperate to stay alive, her mind in tatters and her dress soaked. The animals had taken to eating parts of her, as all she could do was watch as she very slowly perished. She died in that tree, of hunger, thirst, cold and electric burns. Her skeleton was found by Rhys' friends a year later, still in the ragged white wedding dress.