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A sketch of Rhiquel

I'm just writing this to warn you. I'm not gonna tell you anything that you could use to get yourself killed like I am about to be because some idiots wont believe my story and try to find this.... this monster. I was just walking home from work today and heard a sharp, ear piercing growl, but everyone around me seemed unaffected so I ignored it. I decided to stop to pick up a late lunch due to missing my break so I could catch up on my work. Once again, I'm not telling you any personal details you could use to track down my location and get yourself killed with, so let's just say I'm a real estate agent who had just moved due to the economy with this being the first day on the job.

I had just sat down at a local burger-joint, and once again heard the growl, but it was higher in pitch this time, and it left a splitting headache. Once again, no one around me seemed affected so I flagged down the waitress and asked her if she heard that sound. Her face grew to an emotion that seemed to be a mixture of sorrowed, frightened, and sympathetic for me. She asked me to describe it and I stated "A high pitched growl that just gave me a headache, I know you musta heard it, ma'am.". She grew frantic and told me that "you had oughta leave before I make you leave", and warned me to "...Never ask questions about that. Don't even think about questions like that. You obviously aren't from around here, but you shouldn't question our way of life.". I placed 2 dollars tip onto the table, even though I hadn't even gotten a soda yet, and slowly stood up and left the restaurant. I took longer then necessary to walk home, and wondered the possibility of an elaborate prank. The waitress seemed genuinely scared, and that's why I didn't rule it out as something more. I should have. I was contemplating all night what that could have been.

The next day I woke up at 9:00 am to the same sharp growl, only more high pitched. I recalled having a nightmare about a tall, narrow head, on which the mouth seemed to be divided into four chunks that could unhinge like the mouth of an octopus, and it had one fang on each of the bottom fourths of the mouth. I couldn't make out any features inside it's mouth, but somehow only the rim was opened. It's eyes were like two dark gray circles, with a small and a large white circle inside, the smaller ones being a little lower then the larger ones and it's hair somehow went behind it's eyes. The bodiless head seemed, and looked as if it's mind was distant, but I could tell otherwise. I couldn't seem to move and I was trapped in a room with no doors and no windows around a bunch of people I didn't know. I asked the man next to me what was happening and he stated "I can't exactly tell you what is happening, but I can tell you that Rhiquel is about to kill one of us for asking questions, and I'm not sure who.". I then whispered to him "yesterday I asked a waitress a question about a growl does that mean he is gonna kill me?", and then he laughed and said "You don't need to whisper, he doesn't have ears, and no, he will only kill someone after they have been here nine times, and he only shows up when he is gonna kill someone. The laughter made my stomach turn, how could he be happy?! "If no one's dying, the room only has people in it. I then realized how calm everyone is, myself included. I didn't feel fear, I didn't feel anger, I didn't feel anything.

I couldn't get any words after my mouth after that, and the head who I believed to be Rhiquel's mouth unhinged. Some girl stepped forward and her features seemed blurred. In fact, I don't even know how I knew it was a girl. She then looked at me and said "YOU MADE ME ASK MYSELF ABOUT IT! THIS IS YOUR FAULT!". Her head then jerked forward and she stood tall. Everything went dark for a couple minutes and then I remembered hearing that voice. I knew it as the waitress' from the restaurant the day before. Then all I could see was Rhiquel with blood dripping from his two fangs. I should've taken the nightmare more seriously, because it was more then a nightmare. The day went on as normal, but I noticed that the growl happened every 20 minutes and I wondered why. I shouldn't have wondered.

Now I've been in the dream 8 times, and I've asked myself hundreds of questions today. You might want me to, but I'm not gonna tell you what town I live in so you don't go there to investigate. I don't want you to ask questions. However, in those 9 times, I've seen three people go up to the head. One was the waitress, the other two were both men I didn't know. I don't know why the dreams don't scare me, why I can't move, why I don't control my dreams. Actually, I can't call them dreams. I can't call them nightmares. I can tell they're real. I called the burger-joint and asked about the waitress and if she had shown up after the 6th dream, and they said she hadn't been there in two weeks (I went a while without asking questions). I sketched a picture of Rhiquel and will leave it nearby All I know is that if you accidentally come across this place, if you have as bad of luck as me, don't ask questions. I don't know why I can't pull myself to leave this place, but I do know two things:

1) I'm gonna die in my sleep.

2) I'm getting tired.

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