I've been a skeptic all my life. I never believed in the supernatural or paranormal, and I wasn't superstitious. But I think what I saw might be able to change my thoughts of the paranormal and supernatural forever. From your posts to my own experiences, I have learned to accept what people could come to know as the afterlife and that some people thrived on it, lived off of it.

My grandmother died in February, but I never considered her to still be with us through means of the afterlife. My grandfather was a war veteran, so I wasn't surprised when I had heard from my grandmother that he had died long before I was even born.

Recently, things have begun to happen; things would get moved, misplaced, or even pushed to the side by some unknown force when I left my room to go to the bathroom or get something to eat, and it was always surprising to know that maybe it hadn't always been a good idea to focus everything upon me and never notice these things.

Today, I took my camera and went into where most of the displacements were happening; the basement. Normally, my sisters and my father would complain that there was actually something down there, so I decided to go ahead and see if that was true.

Snapping pictures from room to room, I never really noticed much. I thought it unfair how my relatives would just make a big deal out of everything, so I was notably frustrated with them. I exited up the stairs, my brother having joined me in this ordeal, before taking another picture. It didn't seem like I caught anything, but when I later reviewed the image, I noticed a head, peeking out from behind the wall, with shining eyes.

That wasn't necessarily enough to cause me to stop being a skeptic. I still am and was a skeptic. Later, I took a picture of my brother leaving the room, just to catch him off guard, and saw something putting its hand on his back, the hand more or less looking feminine.

That's just it for now. I don't generally take photos, unless it's of a horizon or landscape. I'm not going to say that I never slept again, or that I never slept in that house again; I still sleep, and I do go into that basement.

Written by TuggingaRhythm
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