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"Oh, hello there," you hear a voice say. "I understand why you're here." You don't know where you are because it's so dark.

You hear a click and light fills the room. You see a black table with crimson chairs. On the table you see cards that are labeled, "Liar", "Thief", and "Unforgiving".

You look around the room and see photos and writing on a white wall. You remember some of the writing and photos. They make you feel younger.

Behind you is a door leading to a basement. The very thought of entering the room makes you shed a tear. You slowly walk to the door, hold the knob, and turn it.

You walk down the stairs and hear the forgotten screams as you're walking down. You finally reach the end of the stairs and you start to cry.

There are photos and writing, most of which you vividly remember. You are standing on a scarlet carpet that covers the entire floor in the room and the walls are an inky black. As your tears reach the floor, the carpet gets a darker shade of red.

At the end of the room, you see a vault. God forbid you go in there. You believe that you're done here and you run upstairs.

"You're trying to remember, aren't you?" you hear the voice say.

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