As the timer ticks down and the cryo-pod does its work, regrets spiral in my head.


I regret my years working for the New Earth Order. I regret making that damned deathray of theirs that turned half of Europe into a charnel-house. I regret not joining the Rebellion sooner.


I regret that I let Jenkins know about my defection so he could lead an army of those damned fascists right onto our doorstep, and I regret that I couldn’t save all of them from that screaming, rotting holocaust they unleashed using my designs.


But I regret most of all dragging you into this, Delilah. I never wanted things to come to this. I hope someday you’ll forgive me for what happened that night.


Ha. I can hear those fascists beating down the door. But they’ll never get in. The damn thing’s nigh impenetrable. I should know, I made it myself.


At least I hope it’s invulnerable: the last hope for a free humanity. One hundred rebel survivors (excluding Delilah and I) should certainly hope so.


I hope we’ll find that safe haven on Venus. We have the tools to make a living on that boiling, poisonous rock. Maybe those bug things there will welcome us. They hate the Order as much as we do. Maybe we could partner up.


Or maybe they’d just blast the hell out of us as another human interloper, I don’t know. I pray to God it’s the former, but right now it’s in God’s hands.


Someday I’d like to come back here. To Earth, I mean. Maybe we can have a second chance, maybe we can regroup and bring back democracy to mankind, maybe we can get humanity out from beneath the foot of those Caligulan tyrants.


Yeah, and maybe we’ll ride back home on a wave of ice cream and lollipops. But at least we have this one chance, this one slim chance for salvation. And God help me if I’m going to let this chance slip through my fingers like they all have before.


And I pray to God, if he exists, that he doesn’t let me fail for what I’ve done before. My mind’s going hazy now. The cryo-pod must be finishing up its business, and the guiding computer is taking over. I hope this works.



Credited to Dreamer