I had just moved into my new apartment. Everything was perfect. The walls needed some photos, art, etc. Everything else was okay. Nothing was out of the ordinary, or aberrant, until one day when I was in the living room I could hear someone singing "Walking... in my white shoes, white shoes, white shoes... Walking in my white shoes, shoes, shoes..." I thought that was strange, because I was sure there weren't any children in this apartment building. Nevertheless, I concluded to myself that there must've been a girl visiting someone.

Still, I couldn't get over the fact that the voice was a little... ominous.


About a week later, I had met a girl who lived in the room above mine. Her name was Shelby, and we became friends quickly, since there really wasn't anyone else to be friends with. One day, I asked her if she had heard a little girl singing and she said that she'd never seen a child in the building before.


That night, before I went to sleep I thought I could hear a little girl singing. It was quite faint, but I could just make out the words, "Walking... my... shoes... in... white... shoes, shoes, shoes..." I quickly shook off that fearful shadow that had overcome me and went to sleep.

In the morning, Shelby came down to my room and I complimented her shoes. They were a really pretty shade of red.

Out of the corner of my eye, I swore I saw a little girl in a white dress and white shoes, but she disappeared as quickly as I had seen her.


In the middle of the night while in the kitchen, I could hear loud noises coming from above me. "What the hell is going on in Shelby's room?" I thought to myself. I opened the cabinet to get a plate, but to my horror, it had blood droplets on it. As I looked up I saw that there was blood literally seeping in from the ceiling.

I had reached that level of fear when you can't speak; you cannot move. I was just standing there frozen in my fear.

Every thing was silent, but then... I could hear a voice very clearly coming from Shelby's room. It was a girl singing, "Walking in my white shoes, white shoes, white shoes, walking in my white shoes, now stained in blood... walking in my red shoes, red shoes, red shoes, walking in my red shoes, shoes, shoes."