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Paranormal house 228
My mother likes the white house down in the forest. Though we are new in town, I already know people stay away from this house. It's a nice big house with a fair price. There are two floors, though the front and back yard is unkempt, the outside of the house needs painting, the windows creak when the wind blows and the attic door is glued shut. Nobody can get into the attic, and if anybody did, they were never seen again. I heard that the person who lived there before was killed, and his favorite drink was red rum.

I told mother that I don't want to live in this house because it creeps me out, but she didn't listen. So we moved in. It took us less than a week for us to unpack. My room needed some work so I would sleep with my mother for awhile. My room was being painted white. I don't like other colors because I guess it's just habit, I like to paint the walls when mother isn't around. Of course I clean it off when I'm done.

I am a ten year old girl who loves art, my mother is a painter but she doesn't paint much any more because she is so busy. We were kicked out of our old home because my father and mother just divorced. My mother always said "Your father is a gold digger, he only married me for my money."

I would always laugh and say, "What money, we don't have enough of it."

My mother would reply, "That's because he took it all."

Now that the divorce papers are signed I can sigh with relief. Since I am ten I am old enough to choose where I live, so I chose my mother's place. I have nothing against my father, it's just I don't know anything about him. It was Friday at 11:36 a.m, My mother decided to go get some lunch so she left me all alone in the house unpacking. I heard the door slam at 12:01 p.m. and I called out, "Mom are you home?"

I heard no reply. That's weird, she usually would say I'm home, come and get your junk to eat. I was on the second floor and walked to the stairway. I felt a cold chill on my back and goose bumps on my arms. I called out mother's name again, "MOM." I thought she didn't hear me.

I ran down the steps and heard somebody say, "Red rum," in a whispering tone.

I was kinda creeped out, It must be the wind. I open the door and mom's car is not back. I go back upstairs and keep unpacking. I stepped on the floor board as it flings up I find a old notebook. It looks like a child's note book at that, it was a brown hello kitty drawing book. I open it only to find a couple pictures of a man, and another man being killed. I turn the page and see marker drawn blood, then turn the next page only to find the words: "Red Rum" really scraggly. Like a baby wrote it. I closed the note book a little creeped out and put it back in the floor board.

I look up to the clock and it's 12:30 p.m. The next minute I hear the front door open and close hearing mother say, "I'm home, come and get your junk to eat." 

Okay mother is home, I open the door and said, "Be down in a minute."

I run down the stairs and look at lunch, it's Chinese today. I grab a fork and start eating the rice, while mom eats the chicken. "Sorry it took so long, it took me forever to understand his English," mom said.

"It's okay mom," I said.

"Hey mom, I think the house is haunted," I said.

"What? There is no such thing as ghosts," she replied in a surprised tone.

I grab a piece of mom's chicken and give her some of my rice, "Yeah, you're right sorry for saying that, it's just that I heard a lot of things," I said.

"Well that's because the house is old," mom said.

When we were done with lunch I cleaned up while she unpacked. I was washing the dishes and rinsing them, as I look at the rinse water I see a man staring at me from the behind. I turn around and he was gone. I must be paranoid. It's 5:00 p.m. my mom and I are exhausted from unpacking. I ran up stairs and made the bed. Mom came up with a body pillow and me and her lied down. The sun was setting over the horizon. I look at the clock from the mirror and it's 5:30 p.m. now. I close my eyes and my mind goes blank.

I wake up to the creaking windows. I get up and look outside. The moon is up and the stars are glowing bright. I guess this is the good part, the view. I look down at the forest and there was a dark figure; it could be an animal, but the red eyes stuck out like a sore thumb. He steps forward and he has blood on his clothing, black messy hair, red eyes, face covered in blood, and is wearing a white shirt stained in blood, his pants was all messy too. He looks like the man who was murdered.

I jump right back into bed beside my mother. Scared to close my eyes I put my head under the blanket. Sweat is rolling down my skin and down my spine. I feel a sudden chill. I close my eyes and take deep breaths. I uncover myself and go back to sleep. I wake up and it's 5:00 a.m. The sun is cracking over the horizon. I look at beside me and my mother is right there sleeping soundly. I walk to the door and see in big letters wrote with my mother's red lipstick: "RED RUM." I was shocked and afraid to open the door. 

So I woke mother up and told her to help me make breakfast. It's my first day of school here and I walk to the bathroom to take a shower. My mother is downstairs cooking breakfast, and I'm in the shower. She calls my name, "Josephine get down here right now." She sounds angry.

I get out of the shower and I am drying my hair as I walk down the steps. RED RUM all over in the pantry. I scream in shock, mother is just as scared as I am. "CLEAN THIS UP RIGHT NOW," she shouts.

"I- I didn't do this," I said stuttering.

"Then who did this?" she is hoarse.

"I'm not sure," I said scared.

She sighs and says, "Just clean this up, I don't care who did this."

I grab a rag and clean. It's 6:00 a.m. When I'm all done, I walk out and shout, "I'm done."

"Okay, come eat breakfast," She shouts back. I run to the dining room were having pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, and orange juice or milk. I sit down and eat, mother is watching me eat and asks, "Honey, do you want some red rum." 

I freak out, "Red rum, what did you say?" I ask shocked.

"I just asked if you want chocolate milk with your breakfast," she says confused.

I guess I'm just paranoid, I look at her and sigh in laughter and say "No thank you, I'm fine."

I get dressed, brush my teeth, and kiss mom good bye as I walk out the door. I run through the forest to the bus stop. There are three kids standing there, two boys and one girl. The girl has blonde hair and blue eyes, she is wearing a petite dress, while one of the guys has brown eyes and black hair wearing a sweatshirt and pants, while the other has blonde hair and green eyes wearing the same as the other guy. They're chatting amongst themselves.

"Hey, hey did you really move into that house?" the girl asks.

"Yeah, did you?" one of the guys asks. 

"Yeah I did so what?" I said.

"My name's Amy," said the girl impressed.

"My name's Jack," the boy with the black hair said.

"My name's Abel," the one with the brown hair said.

They all are chatting and Amy tells me, "You know there's a legend about that house."

"No, what's the legend?" I ask.

"There was once a family with two kids, one baby boy, and one girl who loved art. She saw some images inside her mind and drew them in a notebook, which she hid in the floor board of her room. The baby boy loved to play around and could write with only some letters, so in the note book he wrote, "RED RUM". The baby and the girl both went up to the attic and their parents followed them. They were all never seen again," Amy said.

I was kinda creeped out because I believe I found the notebook. I look at her surprised. Then I hear the bus stop, in a sudden I got scared and let out a little scream, not loud enough for people to hear. I get through school and get home. I call for mom and she says, "RED RUM," scared I run up stairs into the notebook room. I lift up the floor board and write down a message saying,

'I'm too scared to sleep, walk, and even take a breath. I want to move, all I am ever hearing or seeing is red rum. I want to scream and shout to let it all out. But I'm afraid to even make a sound. I want to pretend I did not see all this. My parents don't listen to me about him, maybe I am being paranoid but I don't care I just want out of this house. I'll ask Amy if I can stay over tomorrow. Don't live in this house, don't go into the forest alone in the back yard, and definitely stay out of this room. Don't pick anything red and stay away from red rum. Don't look out the window at 4:00 - 10:00 a.m. When you find this letter burn the notebook and take it to the police. I don't know how long I have here, but this is to warn you stay away from this house'.

I run downstairs writing mom a note saying I will be at a friend's house and will be back tomorrow. My mom will be alright. It's at least 4:00 p.m. me and Amy are talking then we go to bed. I wake up only to find myself being carried by a figure soaked in red. I hear the words red rum over and over again. Afraid to say anything, I close my eyes and act asleep. I actually fall asleep and I wake up in the backyard in the forest at 5:00 a.m.

Freaked out I stand up and start running as I run. I run into a figure that shows a creepy smile. I turn up to his face and run backwards. I hide behind a tree. Sweat is dripping all over my skin, I tremble. Craaackkkk I hear, could be a squirrel but I am taking no chances. I sprint off into my house and run into my moms arms. Only one thing she's cold, and lifeless. She's been laying down on the wall and her body is covered in cuts, and stab wounds, her head is chopped off, and her intestines hang out of her back, there is a word cut into her body on her chest it's RED backwards.

I freeze and back up, I see that he's right behind me. I have no where to run and hide. I sit down in shock as he comes closer he pulls out a knife. Stabbing me multiple times in the front. Blood comes dripping out I scream in pain. As I close my eyes, I hear him say "MURDER." 

Police Report: Two women killed their bodies were separated from their heads. With the words MURDER carved into their bodies only separated, three letters on each body. Their names were Josephine, and Annie. last names Triold. We found a notebook from the girl named Josephine. We are unsure what this house is, watch where you live at people. Josephine signed one more thing at the end of the letter in, what is this blood, it says...

Written by One-Story
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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