Ireland is a nation filled with fairy tales and mythology, much of which has since spread across the world in some form or other - yet there are still many lesser known legends that haunt the land which are worthy of note for those with an interest in the macabre, one of the more disturbing is the legend of the Far Darrig.

The Far Darrig translates roughly into "Red Man" and is believed to be a type of fairy not unlike the more famous leprechaun - unlike the innocent beings modern fantasy has come to see them as in the original folklore of Ireland (and many other cultures) the word "fairy" was used to describe any supernatural entity or spirit of the dead and often they were quite dangerous to ordinary humanity.

The "Red Man" was no exception to this rule and he was believed to be an especially evil-minded spirit that busied himself with playing gruesome practical jokes on those around him.

Due to the spirit's malicious nature and his tendency to dress in a red coat and cap some believe he is related to Redcaps, a type of murderous fairy from Scottish folklore - however he does not seem to share the Redcap's supposed need to kill in order to continue his existence.

He is also believed to be related to the Clurichaun, another "cousin" of the leprechaun who was believed to be perpetually drunk and a guardian of cellars - who would haunt dishonest servants and drunkards.