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You and I both knew it would come to this. There is no denying that this is exactly what we both want. If you ask me, this is the next big step in our relationship.

I had a wonderful time tonight and I hope you did, too. Driving out here, having a picnic under the stars... You always did enjoy the more romantic dates we had. You look so beautiful tonight with your wonderful blonde hair, gorgeous blue eyes, and that lovely red dress -- although, I could have sworn it was white when I picked you up earlier. Haha... I never did have a good memory did I?

Would you like some more wine? No? I suppose I shouldn't either; gotta drive home, ya know? Anyway, it's certainly getting late and I know your parents must have called the police by now. It's time for me to finish up these crackers and head on home before the cops show up to enjoy my handiwork.

Your phone is turned on, right? I want them to know exactly where you are.

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