I was once like you, normal. If that's what you would call it? But with everything in this twisted world life is never as it first seems. You may think this is one of those stories where something suddenly goes wrong. Trust me it isn't that way, my life is still the same as before. Only now I found my purpose.


My purpose was to be a guardian. I am a creature whose powers are of light, an ever lasting loyalty to mankind sent to serve and protect. But protection comes at a price. As a guardian protecting humanity sometimes meant to devour it. The only reason to protect is the taste that humanity gives.

It is a taste none can resist. Once tasted it is your right to protect what is rightfully yours. Or at least what you feel is yours. Yes, what is yours, you need it, you want it. Nothing is more powerful than desire, temptation. With every day it grows stronger. Every taste is tenfold. The hunger you can never satisfy. How many of us are out there? More than a few. So ask yourself before you trust an angel. How much longer till humanity has eaten its self out?

A warning to you humans; protection comes at a price, are you willing to pay it?