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19:32 USER[amy_roses]: hi kate wuu2??

19:32 USER[beautiful07]: not much you

19:33 USER[amy_roses]: just chilling wat u doing right now?

19:34 USER[beautiful07]: just eating my medicine and shit

19:35 USER[amy_roses]: oh u feeling under the weather…

19:35 USER[beautiful07]: yup :(((

19:35 USER[amy_roses]: so u wanna meet up sometime soon?

19:36 USER[beautiful07]: no sorry

19:37 USER[beautiful07]: cant do

19:37 USER[amy_roses]: why not wat u planning for the holidays

19:37 USER[beautiful07]: nothing.

19:39 USER[amy_roses]: …?

19:40 USER[amy_roses]: then why dont u want to meet up ?? if ur doing nothing

19:42 USER[amy_roses]: kate

19:43 USER[amy_roses]: kate u still there ?

19:43 USER[beautiful07]: ye

19:44 USER[amy_roses): i was saying

19:44 USER[amy_roses]: why dont u want to meet, if ur planning doing nothing in the hols

19:45 USER[beautiful07]: because i already planned

19:45 USER[beautiful07]: to do nothing.

19:46 USER[amy_roses]: oh right. so u just want to take some time to relax ??

19:46 USER[beautiful07]: u can put it that way if u want

19:47 USER[amy_roses]: oh ok then.

19:47 USER[beautiful07]: amy

19:47 USER[beautiful07]: dont u feel like

19:47 USER[amy_roses]: feel like ..?

19:48 USER[beautiful07]: life is out of reach

19:48 USER[amy_roses]: what do u mean by that ??

19:48 USER[beautiful07]: what i mean is –

19:49 USER[beautiful07]: think

19:49 USER[beautiful07]: every day we get up and dress brush our teeth eat breakfast

19:49 USER[amy_roses]: right yeah

19:49 USER[beautiful07]: then we go 2 skool then do work then eat lunch

19:50 USER[beautiful07]: then..come home play video games

19:50 USER[beautiful07]: chat

19:50 USER[beautiful07]: homework

19:50 USER[beautiful07]: eat dinner

19:50 USER[beautiful07]: video games again

19:50 USER[beautiful07]: listen to music

19:51 USER[beautiful07]: then go to bed

19:51 USER[amy_roses]: well i guess

19:52 USER[beautiful07]: does it go on forever ?

19:52 USER[amy_roses]: until u graduate yes sadly

19:52 USER[beautiful07]: then its get up dress brush teeth eat breakfast

19:52 USER[beautiful07]: go to work

19:52 USER[beautiful07]: return from work

19:53 USER[beautiful07]: internet

19:53 USER[beautiful07]: music maybe

19:53 USER[beautiful07]: read book

19:53 USER[beautiful07]: go to bed

19:53 USER[beautiful07]: then wake up again

19:53 USER[beautiful07]: and same thing when we’re old

19:54 USER[beautiful07]: get up dress brush teeth eat breakfast

19:54 USER[beautiful07]: watch telly

19:54 USER[beautiful07]: eat lunch

19:54 USER[beautiful07]: walk the dog

19:54 USER[beautiful07]: eat dinner

19:54 USER[beautiful07]: maybe play golf

19:55 USER[beautiful07]: go to bed

19:55 USER[beautiful07]: wake up again

19:56 USER[amy_roses]: kate why r u being so weird

19:56 USER[beautiful07]: im not being weird im just saying

19:56 USER[beautiful07]: does it carry on until we die

19:56 USER[beautiful07]: does it ?

19:57 USER[amy_roses]: well i dunno i guess you could do something else more exciting

19:57 USER[beautiful07]: DOES IT

19:58 USER[amy_roses]: geez calm down im just saying probably

19:58 USER[amy_roses]: but its not like you can do anything about it tho thats life

19:59 USER[beautiful07]: ha. youre wrong there ;)

19:59 USER[amy_roses]: what ? omg i knew it youre doing something super exiting 4 the hols. i knew u wouldnt tell me about it lol

20:00 USER[beautiful07]: no. i already said im not doing anything

20:00 USER[amy_roses]: yeah right. girl i know u r ok? dont lie to me. take me wit u..PLZ!

20:01 USER[beautiful07]: i said im not doing anything ok?

20:01 USER[amy_roses]: yeah right

20:03 USER[beautiful07]: well im sorry

20:03 USER[amy_roses]: aww dont apologise i knew it from the begining

20:04 USER[beautiful07]: ok then

20:04 USER[beautiful07]: amy

20:04 USER[beautiful07]: i want to tell u something

20:04 USER[beautiful07]: its a secret so dont tell anyone ok

20:05 USER[amy_roses]: ok sure

20:05 USER[beautiful07]: promise ?? :)

20:05 USER[amy_roses]: promise <3

20:05 USER[beautiful07]: read this backwards

20:05 USER[amy_roses]: k

20:06 USER[beautiful07]: meht fo lla ekat ot gniog ma i

20:07 USER[beautiful07]: won

20:08 USER[amy_roses]: what ?

20:08 USER[beautiful07]: did u read it backwards

20:08 USER[amy_roses]: yeah but i still dont get it

20:09 USER[beautiful07]: alright then

20:09 USER[beautiful07]: yma uoy ees. :)

20:10 USER[amy_roses]: huh?

20:12 USER[amy_roses]: what the hell

20:13 USER[amy_roses]: kate ?

20:15 USER[amy_roses]: kate r u still there?

20:35 USER[amy_roses]: kate ??

20:53 USER[amy_roses]: kate ????????????

Written by Rinskuro13
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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