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If an old lady asks you to help her make a quilt, it’s best to politely decline.

In the area surrounding the town of Pearl, Mississippi, people began to go missing. Eyewitness reports told of a set of three elderly ladies. The word was that at least one of the three would talk to the victims before they would mysteriously vanish in the following days.

One lady, possibly the last intended victim, was approached by one of the women about helping her and her two other friends make a quilt. She mentioned that they would pay well. Before the old lady left, she handed the woman a business card.

Luckily for the woman, sketches of the three old ladies had been televised recently, and she recognized the person to whom she had just spoke as one of those three.

When the police raided the address listed on the business card, they only found an unfinished quilt made from patches of human skin. Other than that, they never found a trace of the old women.

So, if an old lady is paying well for help with a quilt, you should decline.

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