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I was taking my last final exam of the year, and the next day I would be graduating from the 8th grade. We were taking the final exam which was 70 questions. I thought that this would be easy. It was too. I was at the last question when I noticed on the bottom of the page there was anothing question. Question 71. I thought this is probably just some student who was bored after taking the test. For the record the question was also hand written.

I thought nothing of it and turned my test in. The teacher didn't notice that there was an extra question a student wrote on the back of the test questions. So I went on with the rest of my normal day. I got made fun of like normal, and many other things. When I got home I got to the computer like I usually do. After that I played bass for a little bit. My day continued on as usual.

As I was about to go to sleep I noticed the time. 11:40. I didn't know it was that late I thought to myself. So I went to sleep. I had a terrible nightmare that night. I was running through a forest. I was running into, as I could remember, complete blackness. I could hear something. It sounded like footsteps. It was someone following, but who? I stayed up for the reat of the night fearing that if I went back to sleep I would have the nightmare again.

The next day I went to school. The day of my graduation. I had dressed up nicely for the day like everyone else. I had a good time with my friends before we had the ceremony. I was telling one of my friends about the hand written question and the nightmare I had. They said that they had the same test sheet and that they saw that same question. She also had the same nightmare as me. We didn't know what this meant.

When I got home after the ceremony. I went upstairs and did what I normally did when I got home. Except I didn't really feel happy. Not the slightest. I thought that it must be because I am not going to see a my friends a lot over the summer. Yet, at the same time I had the suspicion that this had to do with the question on the back of the test sheet. I thought that, that was nonsense and that it was stupid to think that this could make me feel so weird.

Well as you can tell. I did what I normally did on the weekend. Everything I did everyday. Mostly sitting on the computer. I noticed that my clock on the computer taskbar kept on changing. I couldn't find out why it was changing almost every hour. I also noticed that it was gray outside even during noon, when it was suppose to be sunny that day. I started to notice little things that were off. Not only did I notice that the clock on my computer kept on changing, but I started seeing surveys that had 71 questions.

It started to make me fruious that this question 71 thing was really bothering me this much. Yet, when I started to see more and more of these signs I knew that I should have done something about the quesiton. I knew that I should have answered it or maybe I should have told the teacher.

The next day, I made a new friend. He was my age and he had just moved into my neighborhood. He seemed strange though. He always seemed more insane than other people were. The first thing he told was that his favorite number was 71. I started thinking that this was the person that wrote the question on the test. I laughed at myself, he can't be though because he wasn't here for when I took the test.

Moving on to about mid-summer. He seemed to be getting stranger. He started whispering himself, "71...71", he would say. It was starting to creep me out. I stopped talking to him. I didn't see him for a week. I thought that maybe he understood why I wasn't talking to him anymore.

It was two weeks before I started my first day of high school. I was so happy about it. I was tired that night. I had been working all day and then went to go play a concert with my band. I closed my eyes and went to sleep. It started storming at around midnight and I woke up to see him. HIM. He was standing over my bed and said to me in a slight whisper, "You should have answered the question!".

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