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Nobody starts off insane. They're pushed to the absolute limit until they finally snap. To be honest, I never really liked Jase. I didn't call her out or torment her like other people did, though. She had an extra bicuspid rather than a regular tooth, slightly pointed ears, one hazel and one brown eye (the hazel eye was blind), and long brunette hair. It's too bad she doesn't look that way anymore. Being 15 and two years older than her, I kept my distance just for the sake of not wanting to be seen with an eighth grader. "Freak," they would say before shoving her out of their way. "Elf", was another common one. "Why do you have a boy's name?" they would sneer.

Unfortunately, I was there when she finally snapped. The school wide formal was when their blood was shed. Everything went down in seconds.

"Why are you even here, Jase?" Eliza spat.

"Free food," Jase replied with that dead gaze in her eyes she always had.

"Fatty!" they said shoving her. "Freak!"

"Call me that one more FUCKING time..." Jase hissed.

Eliza stepped up so close to Jase's face. I was sure that Jase could smell her cherry lipgloss. "Freak."

Jase reached down her gray hoodie (which, pointless as it is for me to say this, was not appropriate for a formal) yanking out a small, yet very sharp, black pocket knife and whiplashed Eliza right across her face. People screamed and attacked her, as bystanders like me stood back and watched in horror. Each person that came at her received the same treatment - a stab wound in the stomach. If that wasn't bad enough, she dropped the knife and dashed home, only to find her parents shot dead on the floor and her house completely robbed. Later the next day her house was investigated. I could see from across the street the bodies of her parents being covered with white sheets on an ambulance stretcher. From that point she was declared a "loose criminal" and her case slowly became less of a top priority to the police. Approximately 10 months later she found me. 

I woke up in bed that night to see a shadowy figure holding a pocket knife over a lighter's flame. The flickering glow from the fire allowed me to see the gruesome expression on her face. Her eerie grin allowing me to see those retarded teeth of hers. Instantly my heart jumped as my family came into my mind; mom? dad? Joaquin? (my 12 year old brother); were they dead?

She lunged at me as I tried to scramble away. When I first saw her in my room I was too stunned by her presence to notice the she tied my hands and feet together.

"Don't beg for your life. You're not going to die," she stated dragging me down the stairs to see Joaquin tied to a chair with anger and fear in his eyes. She laughed, pulling off her hood. Her face was pale, most likely from being only active at night, and her hair was stained deep red - from blood. Her jeans and sneakers also stained in blood.

My parents were crying as she tied me to a chair, putting duct tape over all our mouths. 

"If your neighbors heard you scream, I might get arrested," she smirked. Jumping onto my parents, she pulled out the knife she was heating over the lighter and stabbed my father in the stomach, tearing his flesh as she slid the knife up between his ribs. My brother and I screamed the best we could with the tape over our mouths as she did the same to my mother. "Don't worry," she smiled. "I'm not so cruel as to let them bleed to death." She savagely ripped my parents guts and intestines out and strangled them to death with them. Contorting her body to face my brother and I, she laughed as she held the knife over the flame again. She lifted my shirt and began carving a word into my stomach. I watched as she did the same to my brother, suffocating in his own tears. RED Our skin was branded with the word RED. A permanent scar which would remind us of this moment every time we saw our own skin. "I told you I wouldn't kill you," she whispered in my ear.

She proceeded to knock the chairs over onto my parents' dead bodies before fleeing the scene. I was the lucky one. Rather than being sent to an insane asylum like Joaquin, who had a seizure every time he saw the word 'RED', I continued to live my life. Not a normal life, of course not a normal life. I lived my life with a secret insanity of my own deep within me. How did my brother and I make it out of the situation alive? The police found us 2 days later, Joaquin declared legally dead for 3 minutes by the time paramedics arrived, not sure if it was good for him though, they were able to revive him. So I have written this to warn you we were not her only victims. She studies you. Finds out what will burn a nightmare into your mind the most. Just be careful who you talk to. Who you abuse. Who you ignore. Because when you come across her, saying the wrong thing is going to bite you in the ass later.

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