Jennifer awoke with a start, frantically kicking her covers off. She sat up immediately, sweat dripping down her neck and soaking the back of her tank top. As she realized how panicked her breathing was, she closed her eyes and counted down from ten, gradually calming herself until her heart was once again beating at its usual pace and her heavy panting had slowed to a barely audible pattern of inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale.

She then glanced in the direction of the alarm clock stationed on her nightstand only to find that the comforting, soft glow of the small screen was the only object emitting even a hint of light in the small estranged room, she also mindlessly took note of how it read 6:29 A.M. "Well that is somewhat reassuring..." Jennifer stated aloud to no one in particular. She continued to fumble for the phone which had also been placed on her nightstand, only to realize it was not there.

She then shifted wearily, contemplating her options; leaving from the safety of her bed was not one of them. If she were to simply do nothing then she might fall asleep and return to the grasps of the ghoulish figure that had terrified and mentally disfigured her over the course of so many months.

Her thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the creak of her bedroom door being opened just enough for her tabby cat to walk halfway into the room. Jennifer smiled and started to call the cat over when she noticed the cat's unblinking and almost glazed over eyes peering at her.

Jennifer's smile quickly faded as the cat moved forward, not walked, moved. Moved, as in barely brushed against the floor nearly gliding. As the cat in all its horror progressed into her room, an inhuman arm was barely visible holding the cat like a puppet as if it was never a sentient life form. Jennifer nearly vomited at the sight, and at the sudden realization that the entire other half of the cat was gone, probably ripped off by the same arm using the small animal as some horrific plaything.

Right then, a terrible imitation of something that could possibly count as a "meow" emanated from behind the partially opened door. Just as the creature began to crawl in from behind the door, Jennifer awoke with a start.

Bolting straight up in bed, slowly taking in the horrific nightmare that she had just been witness to. She looked over to the clock on her nightstand and her eyes widened after reading 6:29 am. She was about to brush it off as an intensely ironic coincidence just as she heard the creak of her door being opened. Jennifer glanced over to look at the eyes of a small cat staring back at her when it moved forward.