A young woman sat alone in a small closed off room, her massy black hair had grown longer then when she was first locked up. Her red eyes burning in the doors and the backs of the man that think they can keep her locked away. It was kind of cute really, they had made her this way and now they fear her. This was going to be Dr. Frankenstein's monster all over again, but instead of the large man with so many different body parts it was an 18 year old girl.

The creeky shound of the door being opened snapped the girl out of her thoughts, and she saw her self looking into the eyes are one of the many gards that worked here. He glared at her, his hazel eyes held disgusted and hatred when he looking in the girls red ones.

A crazed grin started to form as the girl waited for the man to come closer, she knew why he was here. She knew that everyone here hated her, she didn't care though since she hated them as well. So much in fact that she would of killed them the moment they locked her in this chell, but she knew better than that.

The girl looked the man up in down as he made his way over to her. He was wearing something you think a police officer would wear but with out the badge and the hat. He had short dark brown hair that was slicked back and he had slightly tan shin.

"Seems the little boy missed me." The girl grined as she mocked the man.

"That dose it Starling!" The man spat as he hulled the young woman up by her dark gray drass shirt. She did nothing but laugh at the man's anger and before he new it she throw her head back then back forward, sinking her teeth in the side of the man's neck. She broke the skin with no trouble and soon tasted the sweet iron flavor of blood. She kept a strong grip on the man's neck even as the man tried to push her off. He tried to scream, but the only sound that came out was a girgle as blood started to come from his mouth. That was when one of the gards came in to check on things, she let out a startled yell as she called her partner over. They pulled Startling off the man, who in tearn fall to the group. Blood was coming out at a fast rate and his deathing was coming fast breaths, his eyes slowly losing life in them.

"Hold Starling down! I'll help him!" The female gard shouted to her partner as she ran over to stop the man's bleeding.

"I've already told you. My names not Starling..." The black haired girl growled at the female gard, taking note of her short blond hair and the stone wall behind both her and the dead man.

"My-" She started as she begun to lift the other gard up, her voice was smoth and cool and held an air a something dark behind it.

"Is-" She added as she pulled the male with gray hair and a handlebar mustache off of his feet. The man's brown eyes grow wide as she throw he at the door of her cell. He got to his feet and ran, most likely going to warn the Burned Man. "Psycho!" She yelled the last part as she ran at the female gard as she toke hold of the back of her head, slamming her face into the stone wall with inhuman strength, smashing her shull and killing her with in seconds. She didn't bother with the man laying on the floor, he was dead anyway. What did matter was the man that had run away. Stepping out of her cell Psycho started to follow the way the mann had gone along the way she was singing to her self.

"Hush little baby don't say a word." She sang, it was almost the same as when a mother would sing to her child to help them fall asleep, but still there was a menacing fell to it. Then before she could open her mouth she sing more of the song someone had come and tackled her. A deep growl came from the shifter as he placed a clawed hand to Psycho throat. He's dark green eyes burning like a fire. He had taken his Shifter from and had a bright color pelt of blues and greens. He's horns where like that of a bull and he claws where a dark green, a lot like his eyes. He had a short dragon like tail with a small bit of fur at the end. He was also still wearing what did when he was in his first form, a black t-shirt and shorts.

"I won't let you get them!" He snarled, he lips pulled back in a snarl and showing off sharp white fangs.

This did nothing but make Psycho laugh in only the way a mad man could. It was then that she changed into her Sifter form. She had drangon wings coming out of her back, a long fluffy tail. Short, but sharp horns, red clawed hands. Arms that started out as fur then as they neared her hand became scales. Her eyes where still the same, yellow eye whites and red eyes. Unlike most Shiters her fur color was fully black, just the part on her head her full fur color was an orange and she had purple along her chest. Like the other shifter she was still wearing what she was before she changed. A dark gray drass shirt and black jeans. The man glared at Psycho who could only grin at him and soon the man lifted his hand to slice at her faces, only to be stopped when she kicked him off. Getting to her pawed feer Psycho looked at the other shifter and started to laugh, it was no longer about stopping Psycho it was about surviving and the male shifter knew that.

He growled and got ready to attack as she stepped closer to him her laugh sending shivers down his spine. Then in the blink of an eye Psycho pounced, the two shifters rolled around on the concrete floor clawing at one another. The fight didn't last long when Psycho punched her hand throw the male Shifter's lower stomach. He let out a screech of pain as blood and spit came from his mouth. It didn't take long for him to fall into shock and as that happened Psycho started to pulled her clawed hand out of the man, but before she did she reached up to his chest. She moved her hand around looking for the felling of his beating heart. Psycho stop for a moment and looked the male Shifter in the eyes, a crazed look was on her red and yellow gaze as she grabbed his heart and ripped it out. It toke a couple of seconds but soon the male Shifter fell still. Psycho's smile grow as she removed her hand and let him fall the the ground. She then made her way to the room they had put the mothers and where the other male sifter most likely was.

Psycho steeped outside of the room, her clothing stained with blood, she had gone back to her first form and was looking for the man that had run off and to her shock she saw him looking around. When he saw her, he froze fear in his eyes as he looked at the psychotic Shifter. He then turned and ran as fast as his legs would carry him. Psycho didn't bother trying to stop him, she just followed. She knew better then to kill him when she didn't know where the Burned Man was.

"Dr. Fish! Starling had gotten out!" The man yelled, panic in his voice.

"What!? Where is she!?" The Burned Man demanded.

"Look behind you..." Psycho grinned madly as she saw the fear in there eyes, then she attack. She then changed into her Demon Gray form, changing her tan shin to a gray color. Horns had come from her skull, a lot like the ones she had when she was in her Shifter form. She had her dragon like wings and her long fluffy tail, that like her skin was a gray color.

The Burned Man glared at her and and soon ran at her. He aimed his fest towards Psycho's face, but as he did so she moved to the side and grabbed his arm, slamming him to the desk that help some of his tools. She smiled and giggled as she felt the pain of something sharp stabbing her in the shoulder. She turned to look at the other man, then she place her foot on the Burned Man as she pulled the blade from her shoulder and sliced open the man's throat. He fall to the ground like a beg of bricks, then she looked back to the Burned Man with the same psychotic look she had when she killed the Shifters in the test room, the two staff members in her cell and when she had entered this room.

Looking around Psycho found a lighter, she smiled as she picked it up and flipped the lid. The light pooping sound of gears sounded as a flame came from the lighter. Psycho looked down at the man under her foot.

"I told you I would name you the same way I killed you." With that she started the fire on the man's lab coat. She kept her foot on him, in case he tried to put the fire out and then when the fire started to burn his skin and the few drips a blood feel to the floor Psycho removed her foot and looked for something to help keep the fire going. She saw some of the chemicals on the shelf and smiled as she found on that might work. She picked it up and as she walked out of the door she turned around and throw it at him, making the flames burst out and the man screamed as he fell to the fool.

Psycho just kept walking till she came across a basket and a large body bag. She picked both up, hanging part of the body bag over her shoulder that hasn't been stabbed and holding the basket in the other. She then silently made her way out in the outside. She left the body bag in an old unused lighthouse and toke the basket and leaving it on a door step to a house where she had seen a few kids walking though. She then walked over to a pay phone, she pouched into it making some coins fall out and used them to call Nightmare.

"Startling... how did you get out?" Nightmare asked, unable to hide the shock in her voice.

"I told you they couldn't hold me... and guess what? I'm looking for you. I already killed those other that stayed behind!~" Starling sang.

"...." Nightmare was silent, Psycho knew she was shocked then she added "Oh, and my name is Psycho." That was the last thing she said before hanging up.