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I hate practical jokes. Well, I hate being the receiver of them. I guess I just don’t take it well. Let me just say this now. All my life I have been the butt of one big joke. For instance, this year for my birthday, my mother “baked” me a cake. It was made of concrete. She thought she was pretty clever.

I thought I was pretty clever when I baked her in the oven.

Last week, I went camping with a friend. He thought it would be funny to leave a used condom in my tent at night and thank me the next morning.

I thought it would be funny to castrate him and make him choke on it.

My old boss got a big laugh out of pretending to fire me yesterday.

I’m going to get a big laugh when they fire the cannon on the square and chunks of him will come flying out.

Next week is the first day of April. It’s going to be a fun day.

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