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February 3rd 2014: I was at my grandfather's storage unit emptying it out after he died. All the way in the back there was a large tarp over what appeared to be a large dresser. When we took of the old torn dirty tarp there was a clown in a box, the top of the box read "pogo Paul" I took a picture and then took it to an appraiser. The appraiser told me to get rid of my phone and the clown. I asked why and he just left, I didn't get rid of anything I just kept it stored up in the storage unit. Later on I couldn't help but want to see the clown again so I drove to see it; I was staring at it for three hours.

February 4th 2014: I can't stop seeing the clown so I went to my grandmother to see where they got the clown, she told me it came from a fair in 1935. I told her that can't be right it was in perfect condition. She told me she knew. She later told me that the clown was over 100 years old and anyone who saw it would eventually become the clown or they would be killed by it. I didn't believe her.

February 5th 2014: I saw the clown today I wondered how it could of killed my grandfather then I got a call saying my grandma was dead, murdered last night. My grandma must have been the one to see the clown.

February 6th 2014:The clown is whispering to me, telling me to love it and adore it. I hate to say it but I did, the clowns smile was hypnotic I stared into his eyes as he gazed off into space. I can't stop thinking about the clown I want to be with it I wanted to love it. It soon looked at me. It told me it loved me, it also kissed the glass I kissed back.

February 7th 2014: I think I might be the clown's slave, whatever it tells me to do I do. I loved to obey the clown tomorrow It told me I can replace it, I knew that it meant dying but, I wanted to so badly. I decided to stay away.

February 22nd 2014: The clown has been following me, it is in store windows, TV, movies, and my dreams. I finally returned to destroy it but it was gone. I went home went in my room and shut the door I thought I was safe. I woke up to the clown singing. I never saw it again, but my dad said he did. He died the next day.

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