I want to hear that sweet melody one more time. Please cry.

It all started when you were born; I was there, I was watching, as you were a helpless baby, I was watching.

Please cry.

I listened, when you were growing up, I heard you talk with your friends, but no one seemed to like your ideas, you were rejected.

Please cry.

When you were starting to do worse with the problems life threw at you, I laughed and so did the world.

But love never existed, so this doesn't matter now, when you tried to close your eyes and sleep, you were always scorned.

Please cry.

When everything turned the wrong way, and you failed to get a job you liked, I showed you no sympathy, but neither did anyone else.

Please cry.

So you lived life, day by day, you never noticed me, you started to forget. You wanted me to go away when you were younger, but you forgot. You forgot all I did for you. I was in pain, I was in pain. Please cry.

Please cry for me. For you. Let it out.

We were always together, just you and me.

On your birthdays, your graduation days. I was all of your friends, I am all of your friends, I am your family.

We loved each other, you would talk to me, but then you forgot.

You forgot, you forgot, you forgot!

You have always been a burden.

But now that doesn't matter, all this time, wasted.

I guess it is obvious now, that feeling of being watched, do you remember now?

Remember, remember, remember!

If you don't want to remember, I will make you remember.

Now look to your left, and don't close your eyes.

Please cry.