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Hi. I'm just your typical pokefag. I always laughed at how people found a game, and it was haunted somehow. I thought it was all bullshit. Yeah, well, until a while ago. Stuff happened to me...more specifically, my Pokémon
Platinum pokemon
Cheese LordAdded by Cheese Lord

It was back a couple of weeks ago, my friend was moving away. I was in his room alone when I went into his closet and found an unopened Platinum box.

Finding the damned thing was my worst mistake. I snuck out of his room, into his yard and hid it in some bushes. When I was actually left, I got the game and ran home.

I ran past my Mom and into my room, locked the doors and popped the game in my DSi. I started up the game, and all was normal. Everything was really normal. The gameplay, the sounds, the music. But when I got to the title screen, Giratina wasn't there. Nothing was. I pressed start and heard Giratina's cry..but it sounded like the cry it made when it fainted.

It didn't even let me choose New Game, it just went straight to the game. I was a girl, on Spear Pillar, and the music sounded distorted and darker. I walked forward, and I saw the portal to enter the Distortion World. When I got close enough, a textbox came up. "Go to hell", and the usual YES/NO afterwords. I chose Yes, curious as to what would happen.

The screen got darker, and then I was in the Distortion World, just like that. But the usual purple was red, and there were no obstacles. I just kept going up. The path kept getting narrower. I finally reached the end after what seemed like forever, and Giratina was there. I pressed A and a textbox came up.

"Your mistake was finding this game. You will one day die, and be forgotten, and no one will care." It said. The screen went black. When it lit up again, the game was 8-Bit, like in Red and Blue. The entire game had changed from modern to classic. I was in a cave, and it was empty. There was no music. It was as big as a Pokemart, I think.

I walked around for a bit before I checked my stats. Apparently even those were 8-Bit. But when I checked my Pokémon, I had one. It was a Chimchar, level 5. I checked its moves, and it only had one: Nightmare. I closed the screen and I was at Mt. Silver. Still 8-Bit. I walked up and saw Red standing there.

I walked up to him and pressed A, and he said his usual ...'s. But when I fought him, the background music just kept playing, and he only had one Pokémon. He sent out Pikachu, I sent out Chimchar. The commands were on the top, like in the old games. The bottom screen was just empty.

I chose Nightmare, and somehow I went first, despite Pikachu being level 84. Somehow Pikachu fell asleep, and Nightmare worked. Pikachu's entire HP bar went down, and instead if saying he fainted, Red came back to the screen and said his usual ...'s..again.

The screen went black and I appeared back on Spear Pillar, but as Gold from his SoulSilver appearance, not to mention everything was modern again. I walked up and saw Giratina standing..floating there.

I pressed A, and Cynthia walked up. When she reached me, a textbox came up and said "Gold? But how.." She walked away, looking back just before she walked offscreen.

The screen flashed white and I heard the SoulSilver legendary theme. The battle screen with Giratina came up, but Giratina was black and white, no color on it at all. It didn't even have eyes. I sent out a Piplup that I didn't know I had, and I chose it's only attack: Curse.

Piplup cut half of its HP, surprising me, but I really couldn't be weirded out enough now. Giratina got the curse, and instead of attacking, it just said "...". Then at that point I couldn't control the battle, Piplup just kept attacking. Piplup used curse again, but it failed. Giratina used Shadow Force. When it was my turn to attack it just said "No.", and Giratina finished the attack.

Piplup had 1 HP left, and it used Destiny Bond. Giratina used Shadow Claw, fainting them both. It said "They both died!" and the screen went black again. I was still at Spear Pillar, and I was just stuck. I was stuck in one spot, I couldn't move at all.

I couldn't save, I had no items, no Pokémon, no trainer card, the only thing I could do was check my Pokedex. There was every Pokémon there, and at the end an extra Pokémon, with a glitched name. It was Missingno., and the description...

"In 100 years, everyone alive right now will be dead. Even you, Alice." How did it know my name? I closed the Pokedex and then my character was invisible. "You shouldn't have come back, Gold." A textbox said. The screen went black one final time and I saw a picture of Gold lying there, dead, with a shadow of Dawn on him.

I turned off my DS, and called my friend. "Jonah, what the hell?! What did you do to your Platinum game?" I yelled. "Platinum? I don't even own that game. Only Diamond and Pearl." He said. I stood there, with my mouth open. What the hell was this game?

I threw the card out my window, praying I never see it again. I hope no one experiences what I did.

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