You wake up in a dark hallway. Your last memory is non-existent. In fact, you can't remember anything. You try moving around but you can't. Your body is stiff. You don't feel any restraints, nor do you feel anything. You blink a few times. Suddenly, a figure appears in the distance. It seems to be holding a candle. You try shouting profanities at it, or demands to be released, but all that comes out is an exhausted loud gurgle. The figure arrives.

It looks like a human, but its face seems...melted, like the wax on the candle. You could barely make out an empty eye socket with a hole for a mouth. It hisses at you.

In a deep, hoarse voice, it says, "You cannot escape, you are weak."

It burns your left cheek with a candle, holding it on for thirty seconds. You start to cry. The figure lifts up a syringe. You can't tell what kind of liquid is in it. Wait, was it black? It was. The figure stares at your wrist, thrown around your body.

The figure mocks you for one last time. "Oh, be a big boy and don't whine. Don't worry! This will only be a pinch..."