My pets.

I love them.

They provide endless entertainment as they “play.” I watch them wriggle at the end of their chains.

Creepypatsa have too

I love my pets. I love hearing their cries. The crying lasts only for a while, though. They eventually go silent. Then it's time for a new pet. Young, with a strong, able body capable of putting up a good fight.

I love watching them struggle. I can see the adrenaline coursing through them, powering their futile attempt at escape. They will never succeed. Their chains are far too sturdy.

The ones who have been here the longest simply sway in the breeze as they hang like laundry on the line. Their eyes are glazed over, having given up long ago. Now, they do not move... they do not speak... they swing back and forth, consumed by utter hopelessness and misery.

I love my pets. I love seeing the strength and youth drain away as they come to terms with their fate. Humans react so strongly to having their feet off the ground. Hanging is an extremely vulnerable position.

They kick their feet wildly. They tear at their collars, scraping skin and flesh off their hands without the slightest bit of damage done to the metal of the collar. They cry, scream, sob...

So very amusing.

They wallow in misery, waiting for it all to end. But it will not. They are mine forever.

And so are you.

But don't worry, you won't feel lonely... you will have plenty of company.

My dear pets...

I love them.