ou are walking at night, when you hear something. You turn around to see... a thing, staring at you. And not just one; there are several of them, all giant and pale, with hair growing in strange places, and eyes in impossible colours. They stare at you with bizarre expression on their misshapen faces. Almost like... hunger.

So you turn around and run. As fast and far as your legs can carry you. And strangely enough, the beasts don't seem to follow you. After a dozen minutes of fierce pursuit, you feel safe, and stop to catch some breath.

But something bugs you. Some strange feeling of uncertainty. You feel as if you are being watched. So you turn around once again. And you see them once again. All of them. And this time, they are standing even closer.

And so you flee again.

This goes on for hours, and then for days; constantly running for your dear life, with the beasts apparently never following you, but always being a bit closer every time you look behind. You try to fight them, but they don't try to fight back, always staying just far enough for you to be unable to reach them. The distance between you never really increases.

And so you flee again.

But the time and fatigue finally take their toll. Before long, you collapse, struggling for breath, unable to continue onwards. At this point you hear footsteps walking up behind you; soft, silent footsteps. Your heart starts to beat erratically, but your legs are to weary to move. You try to call for help, but there is no one around to hear you but your pursuers, who don't seem to understand you anyway.

One of them reaches down to you, and you see a giant white claw nearing your neck. It slashes your throat, and before you exsanguinate, you can hear the beasts making strange, raspy noises, and see them baring their teeth at each other.

Then your world fades to black.

Next day, no one finds a corpse. The creatures have taken all away. And all that remains to be seen of you ever again is your skin, draped over one of those beasts, and your bones, that they will use to fashion tools to kill more of your kind.


A friendly reminder that our kind was originally a nightmare incarnate when it came to hunting.

This is called persistence hunting, and it's basically how early tribes of man caught food.

Written by Helel ben Shahaar
Content is available under CC BY-SA