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pic vaguely related lol

Thought I'd share this. This is something that happened to me a few years ago. I've actually heard stories where people reported similar events, so that makes me feel a little less weird, but it doesn't help much.

I had come home from school, slipped my shoes off, walked into the hall leading to my room, and ran into someone. I jumped back, and she did too. It was my mom. She looked at me with a strange expression, almost like I was an alien.

"What?" I asked.

She cocked her head, "Did you just get here?"

"Uh, yeah I just walked in."

She stepped back, "Wait, just now?"

"Yeeessss ... Why?"

She turned around and then turned back to me, "I heard you call my name about 5 minutes ago. I was laying down, you called me like 3 times!"

I didn't really know how to respond. "Um, no, I didn't call you. Like I said, I just walked in..."

She went pale. "I've been looking around the house looking for you this whole time, is this your idea of a joke?"

"NO, I JUST WALKED IN!" I yelled, getting frustrated.

She kept eyeing me like she didn't know whether I was being truthful or not, like she didn't know if I was the real one... That thought scared me, and I got an enormous chill standing there as she walked away.

To this day nothing like that has ever happened again, and she still thinks I was tricking her, but I swear I have no idea what that was about. I'm awfully curious what she really heard though.

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