Kelly and Robert had lived happily together for eleven years.

Unfortunately, as a doctor, Rob often had to be out working at night. Kelly had grown used to this, however.

One night, while they were sleeping, Kelly's phone, which she'd left on Rob's side, rang, waking her.

She shook her husband to ask him to get it, but when he didn't respond, she reached over him and got it herself.

The number that showed up was her husband's, which confused her. Perhaps some kids had stolen his phone and were making a prank call.

When she answered it, she heard her husband's voice saying, "Sorry Kel, Dr. Johnson told me to do a shift this morning. Forgot to tell you."

She hung up and, with dread rolling over her, looked at the thing lying next to her, which slowly turned over...

FEWDIO Horror Bedfellows02:47

FEWDIO Horror Bedfellows