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A picture my mom has on the computer of me.

Okay /b/, it’s been 4 years since this happened and I feel like it’s finally time to tell someone and get this off my chest.

My name’s Samantha Myers and since the year of 9, I’ve been a sleepwalker. However, my sleepwalking wasn't normal like others, I was fully aware of everything I was doing, it’s just, I wasn't doing it. It was like I was being controlled. I’ve never worried about this though because I always wake up like I’ve had a full night of sleep.

Four years ago, when I was 13, my sleepwalking changed to instead of me being aware of what I’m doing, I’m out of my body watching myself, I can move anywhere I choose too. I looked this up and apparently it’s called “Astral Projection”. I can see other people while I’m “astral projecting”.

Some of the people are normal, some… something entirely different, I call these things “Pandoros” derived from “Pandora” because they’re all male, it’s not visibly obvious, but you can tell by their process. One night a Pandoro came up to me, my physical body, and stared my body into the eyes for several seconds. He proceeded behind me and whispered in my ear something that sounded like “Co-piss”. Then he faded away. I didn’t understand this at all, but for some reason I felt afraid, afraid for my life.

I waited until I woke up the told my parents I wasn’t feeling well and that I should stay home, they allowed this. After they left I took a shower and saw some scratches across my chest, from my right nipple to around my belly button. I figured I had just scratched myself in my sleep so I didn’t pay attention to it. I finished taking a shower and immediately went to my computer to try to find out what “co-piss” meant. I couldn’t find much so I messaged my friend on Facebook what he thought. He messaged me telling me to post of the Paranormal section of 4chan. I had never heard of this site but Alex, my friend, explained to me how to post there. I told them about the whole astral projection thing and “co-piss” and many members replied, but one caught my eye… Someone suggested that it might have been “Kopis”, Greek for “to cut open”. I immediately thought about that scratch from earlier and looked down my blouse and to my surprise, I saw nothing.

I was astonished it went away this fast, so surprised in fact that I took off shirt and when I did, I saw a shadow in the corner, I looked towards the corner and saw nothing, I turned back to my chest only to see a Pandoro in front of me. I tried getting up, but I couldn’t move myself or control anything I did. My eyes stared deeply into his eyes. He then proceeded to take off my shorts and panties and touch me all over. He pulled something out of his stomach area that he put inside of me. I had no idea what this alien like creature was, but I presumed it was his version of a penis. He then proceeded to rape me. I was knocked out half way through and was watching from outside my body.

About 30 minutes later, I woke up and saw that I had on all of my clothes and I felt completely normal even though I remembered very precisely what happened. I went back on to the Paranormal section of 4chan to see if there were any more posts, but I found out that my post was deleted. For the next 9 months I didn’t have any out of body experiences and I didn’t sleepwalk. For the first couple months I thought I was getting fat, however, my mom thought I was pregnant. I told her I was a virgin, but she didn’t believe me. She took me to the hospital the next day and did some tests on me. I learned two things from that:

  1. I was a virgin.
  2. I was pregnant.

This astonished the doctors and advised me to come in twice a week to have to check me. 9 months later I felt like I had to pee really bad but I had realized I was giving birth. I was at home by myself and very stressed. I was so stressed that I passed out. I was astral projecting again. I saw that Pandoro that had got me pregnant, he walked over to my body and slid his finger across my stomach, cutting it open. He took the baby out and then cut my neck. He walked over to me and said in a very strong accent “Enjoy your stay”.

I’ve been stuck in this world for many years now and I’m able to interact with electronics around me, that’s how I’m posting this. I need help. I need a way to get out of this world. I need a body. If you are committing suicide and live near Dallas, Texas, email me. I will take your body.