They think that we feel no pain. Help us.

It's difficult writing after losing my third finger. I don't like it here anymore. Mum said she'd come back. She promised.

They wanted to try out new drugs. They tried them on a boy at first. He fell to the floor dramatically, and started flipping around. It was horrible to watch, but they wouldn't let us leave.

They tried again a while later. The boy couldn't feel the burns. They tried many times with many different flames, but each time he was immune. His eyes were always moving around weirdly though, like he couldn't focus on one thing. His body seemed limp. He seemed out of this world.

He died a few weeks after the experiment began. We were all injected. The needle hurt. It was slow, painful, and they drew a lot of blood. They said I'd go home when the experiment ended.

They burned me. It was only a little bit painful at first. Then they cut me. I cried. They told me I couldn't possibly feel pain. They said the drugs stopped the pain. But they didn't. I must have passed out after seventeen cuts.

They told me that if I didn't think I was in pain, I wouldn't be.

I'm not in pain.

I feel nothing.

But I do.

The burns don't hurt at all anymore! The nurse said I'm a miracle! I thought I'd be able to go home now!

They lied. They told me that I needed to feel no pain at all. So they cut again, and again, and again. They cut Lisa. I watched her bleed to death. Her last words were my name.

Now I feel nothing. Three of my fingers have been amputated. I tried to run, so they also took the bottoms of my feet. They stopped feeding us. They said we should no longer feel starvation. Or dehydration. They said that we'd be fine with one of our lungs, but it is so hard to breathe.

They took one of my eyes. They took some of my skin. They said it shouldn't hurt. But it really, really did.

They think we're numb. They think we feel no pain. We do. But they won't let us go.