Interview #18

Thesis Summary: I believe that in treating the homeless population problem purely on a clinical level we have dehumanized the homeless population. Outside of the Psychologist or the Social Workers office I believe that I can show that the we need to treat the homeless population as people, not a statistic, will will lead to helping the homeless population in a more caring and natural way.

For time and location of interview please see appendix A.

Transcript of Interview Number 18

Interviewer: Owen Scott

Interviewee: Jonathan Marcel

Subject had many signs pointing to extreme malnutrition. Open wounds, receding gums, hair loss, and eye discoloration were all noted. Subject stands at roughly six feet one inches and appeared to weigh within the eighty-five to ninety-five pound range. Subject was found begging for money outside a popular bar in the area; when offered food he became visibly agitated. Subject agreed to interview in exchange to a drive to a local homeless shelter citing he was too weak for the walk.

Note on the editing of this transcript: For clarity purposes this transcript has been abridged compared to the original audio log, * marks sections that have been shortened, for an unedited transcript please see Interview Number 18 in Section S5.

-Begin Transcript-

Scott: Mr. Marcel, are you ready to start the interview?

Marcel: I prefer Johnny.

Scott: Alright, Johnny, can you explain what lead to your homelessness.

Marcel: Well before would I say this...fuck...

Scott: Are you alright?

Marcel: Yea, sorry, sorry; my mind isn't as sharp as it was.

Scott: It’s fine, please continue.

Marcel: Anyways, before my, let's call it my” food problem”, I was actually an accountant, the problem popped up, I couldn't hold down a job and a few years later, and here I am.

Scott: What kind of food problem?

Marcel: Well when I touch food, uhh...corrupts.

Scott: Corrupts?

Marcel: Well, it started off simple. Touch it, it rots. I eventually got so hungry I would eaten the rotten food. Then it got worse, things like...shit what’s the word...contaminants...yea thats it...would just appear. Again, I got hungry, a roach here a roach there, I ate them. Then I bit into a muffin and it was full of broken glass, and I screamed and screamed and screamed. There was blood and flesh everywhere. No broken glass though. I dropped the muffin, looked down, and nothing, just a muffin.

Scott: Where did this all happen?

Note: Subject’s continence visibility drops, face visibly reddens, tries to grind teeth but appears to be in pain when he tries.

Marcel: My employers know what happens when the angry guy, hungry guys starts screaming at a muffin and bleeding everywhere...At least they let me keep my insurance long enough to cover the mental hospital stay. Fucking bastards.

Scott: Are you alright?

Marcel: What?

Scott: Are you fine?

Marcel: Just ask the fucking questions.

Scott: When did this corruption start happening?

Marcel: Well I was walking to work, and I pass by these homeless people...and I pass by these homeless people...and...and...sorry my memories not as good as it was give me a moment...

Scott: That's fine.

Marcel: I pass by these homeless peoples and...and...god my head hurts just thinking of it...and they me a moment...

Scott: Take your time.

Marcel: I pass by them and there...they’re eating a least it looked like a was... I guess... butchered...but even without the head you could see something was off about it. It was too I was a...a good distance away and I could see that it was too veiny. My fucking head...

Scott: Take a breather.

Marcel: What kind of meat has big thick veins!?! It didn’t have any fur either! Dogs don't look like that!

Note: At this point Interviewee punches Interviewer in ear.

Scott: Ow! Calm down! Breathe.

Note: Interviewee is breathing heavily.

Marcel: ** Ok, ok Im done. The dog...the dog...makes me freak out. Sorry man.

Scott: Look I get it, it upset you. You need to breathe.

Marcel: give me a moment.

Scott: Alright. I'm gonna grab some stuff alright? Stay here and you'll get your ride to the shelter ok?

Marcel: Ok...ok...

Note: Interviewer comes back with a sack with a picture of a burger on it.

Marcel: What the fuck! No, man, no! I was just going calming down! Why would you do that?!

Scott: Calm down, calm down please. I just need you to try something after we hear your story, alright? I'll buy you smokes?

Marcel: Buy me some water. Water doesn't change.

Scott: Ok...ok...

Marcel: Ok so after seeing them eat the lets just call it that.

Scott: You watched them eat it?

Marcel: I couldn't look away. I wanted to but I just...just couldn't. But after they’re done eating, the big one looks at me. Points like this cleaver, I call it a cleaver but it really wasn’t, and then it went to hell.

Scott: Went to hell?

Marcel: Yea the food things. Like I got into the office, grabbed a bagel. And it tasted off.

Scott: Off?

Marcel: You know, like how I remember food tasted with a head cold. And that goes on, for like some time...

Scott: Then what happened?

Marcel: Some time passes, and I see the same guy. Bleeding out in an alley. There’s like this little old lady crying over him. And he's bleeding out and looks at me, which is weird cause the girl acts like they’re making eye contact. And thats when it gets worse...

Scott: Worse?

Marcel: Yea, like food starts tasting weird...

Scott: Weird? Like you said it already tasted off.

Marcel: The head cold thing didn't go away. but things started tasting like other things. I ate a bagel, right and it would taste like a steak or something. Ate a steak, tasted like...uhhh...cola? So I had to start eating weird food combinations, just so the flavor combination wouldn't make me vomit. I started getting thin. And then a few more weeks pass, I bite a...fuck I don't remember, and its rotten.

Scott: That doesn't seem odd.

Marcel: You don't get it, everything I tried was rotten. I got thinner, eventually ate it anyways.

Scott: And the muffin?

Marcel: I'm getting too it, fuck. So after I start being able stomach rotten food, I bite into some bread or something, and its full of roaches. Like live roaches. I vomit. But then, after a while, I get used to things like it. Roaches, maggots, blood, I eat it. But always at home.

Scott: Always at home?

Marcel: Otherwise I’d to get looks. But it gets worse, and worse. And things like thumb tacks, and staples, and fingernails, and the like start showing up. So I stop eating. But one day, I see a muffin, I can't handle it, its been weeks, I bite into it; glass, blood, screaming, fired.

Scott: And then?

Marcel: The Asylum. After I refused to eat in the asylum, they forced fed me, ripped my insides up pretty well. They took stomach content samples, nothing unusual at their end. Put me on a some kind of drip or something. Went septic. They fixed me, until my insurance ran out a bit after that, money a few years after that. Bam the disease.

Scott: The disease?

Marcel: Homelessness.

Scott: Ok…

Note: Interviewer takes a burger out.

Marcel: I changed my mind, no.

Scott: You look like you're about to pass out, you sure?

Marcel: Fuck you.

Scott: Wouldn't you like to have some proof of this corruption on film?

Marcel: No.

Scott: What if I threw in some cigarettes?

Marcel: Stop offering, I don't smoke.

Scott: Multivitamins?

Marcel: They would get corrupted.

Scott: What could convince you?

Marcel: Give me your watch.

Scott: What?

Marcel: Your watch, and a ride, and a gallon of water.

Scott: Uhhh...sure...

Note: Interviewer takes off watch, hands it to Interviewee.

Marcel: Ok, we are going to play by my rules.

Scott: Excuse me?

Marcel: Examine the burger.

Scott: Examine it?

Marcel: Fuck man! Just feel the damn thing, smell it, taste it, examine it! Jesus man.

Scott: Alright…

Note: At this point interviewer unwraps hamburger and gives it a light examination.

Scott: It looks fine.

Marcel: Fuck you, I said examine it!

Note: Interviewer sighs, takes top bun of hamburger off.

Scott: Looks fine.

Marcel: Now the bottom.

Scott: Really?

Marcel: Do I sound like I’m joking?

Scott: Jeez...

Note: Interviewer returns top bun, removes bottom bun, notes its fine, returns bottom bun.

Scott: It looks fine.

Marcel: Fine, hand it over.

Note: Interviewer hands over hamburger. Upon a quick look interviewee doesn't do anything with hamburger.

Marcel: Now watch. Huh...

Scott: See, it’s fine Johnny.

Marcel: Aha, there it is.

Note: Interviewee removes top bun of hamburger and proceeds to pull a roughly 2 inch shard of jagged glass from hamburger patty.

Scott: What? I must have missed it, I need to return it to the Five Guys where I got it.

Marcel: Wait, just wait and watch. Look.

Note: Interviewee drops shard of glass, where upon hitting the ground it lands with a wet thud*. Camera pans down to reveal that where the glass would have hit is a roughly two inch long segment of cooked ground beef. Camera pans up to see Interviewee overcome with what seems to be a mix of joy and anger.

Marcel: See I told you...I told you didn’t I?

Scott: I...I'm speechless. must be some kind of trick.

Marcel: That's right, I’m a magic hobo. A magic hobo thats starving to death, its part of my act. You’re a fucking idiot.

Scott: I...I...I...Let's...let's just go and get you to the home.

Marcel: I want my water.

Scott: I won't forget your water, but before you go can I see the burger?

Note: Interviewee hands meat patty to Interviewer,who examines the top which appears to be normal, with two inch hole in the center.

Scott: Can you show me that again, before we go of course.

Marcel: Ok...ok, give me the burger.

Note: Interviewer starts handing Interviewee the hamburger, however, once the interviewer touches it, a small scorpion crawls out of the hamburger.Interviewer panics, flings hamburger and scorpion onto ground. Both of which land with a wet splat.

Scott: Son of a bitch! Where is it, where is it?!?

Marcel: Why don't you look?

Scott: I'm not touching it! I hate scorpions!

Marcel: Well I'm not touching it for different reasons.

Camera Operator: Fuck, I’ll do it.

Note: Camera Operator proceeds to nudge the bun off hamburger, there is no sign of the scorpion.

Camera Operator: There...Jesus Owen can you try being professional.

Scott: Lets just go and give Marcel here a ride. Is it alright if we keep rolling during the ride Marcel?

Marcel: Yeah, but I'm getting too tired to talk.

Note: The tape is continues as they drive Marcel to the homeless shelter. Upon Marcel receiving the gallon of water it turns brackish and rust colored. Marcel begins weeping. At this point the tape cuts prematurely.

-End Transcript-

Interview #20

Thesis Summary: I believe that in treating the homeless population problem purely on a clinical level we have dehumanized the homeless population. Outside of the Psychologist or the Social Workers office I believe that I can show that the we need to treat the homeless population as people, not a statistic, will will lead to helping the homeless population in a more caring and natural way.

Transcript of Interview Number 15

Interviewer: Owen Scott

Interviewee: Bo Little

Subject claimed to be 35, appeared to be early 50s with light skin damage. Subject has scarring on her body both from injury and aforementioned sun damage. Subject has a full set of teeth though they are an odd brownish color. Subject’s is prematurely balding. Subject appears to be roughly four feet ten inches and is malnourished. Most if not all of the maladies can be attributed to her refusal to enter an indoor space. I was able to contact interviewee through her cell phone, given to her through a local charity. Due to her refusal to enter indoor spaces the charity is also willing to charge the aforementioned cell phone for her. Note on location: Due to interviewees refusal to come inside for interview, interview happened in the alley behind an apartment where interviewee “lived”.

Note on the editing of this transcript: For clarity purposes this transcript has been abridged compared to the original audio log, * marks sections that have been shortened, for an unedited transcript please see Interview Number 15 in Section S5.

-Begin Transcript-

Scott: Do you prefer Bo or Miss Little?

Little: Bo is fine. Do you prefer Scott?

Scott: I prefer Scott.

Little: Good, I don’t know your last name.

Scott: Actually Scott is my last name.

Little: Really? What’s your first?

Scott: Owen.

Little: I’ll stick with Scott.

Scott: Alright, Bo ready to start the interview?

Little: Yes.

Scott: Alright Bo, can you explain situation to me?

Little: Well I’ve been unable to enter a house for about two years.

Scott: By “unable to enter” you mean?

Little: Unable to enter. Cannot enter, impossible to enter a house.

Scott: Could you define house for me?

Little: I guess I’m using house to just mean anything with four walls and a roof.

Scott: So by house you mean...

Little: A building.

Scott: Just a building?

Little: I guess not. It’s, it’s just so hard to define, you know. Oh I can’t get in a car, even if it’s a convertible. So there goes my definition of building, right? A convertible doesn’t have a roof, right. I can’t go into a demolished building without a roof. Hell- I can’t even get medical attention unless they come to me. What I’m saying is that a building is a good catch all; it’s more akin to not being able to enter a place with an entrance.

Scott: So when you say entrance, you mean like a door?

Little: I wish. I can’t define it. I can enter this alley just fine, though you think opening made by the two buildings would qualify as an entrance. But here I am, I can go to a drive thru if they accept walkers. But I can’t get into a public park unless I hop the fence. I can’t go into a building period. No cars. Open air tent? I can go in, though that’s just four entrances. It doesn’t make a god damn lick of sense. Why can’t I go inside? I can use entrances, but why can’t I go inside? I...I just want a warm bed and a running shower and to look outside at the rain instead of being in the rain and and and…

Scott: You alright Bo? Do you need some time to compose yourself? Do you need anything?

Little: No, no I’m fine. I agreed to give this interview, I need to get my story out there, maybe see if there’s anyone else out there like this.

Scott: So you haven’t been inside for two years. But your teeth seem fine, care to explain that?

Note: at this point Interviewee proceeds to remove her teeth.

Little: They’re dentures. I lost my teeth when I was four in a traffic accident. Had to get my whole jaw rebuilt.

Note: Interviewee proceeds to put the dentures back in place.

Scott: Oh, well…how do you manage to survive out here?

Little: It’s not easy. You would think food would be the hardest part, but once you get over eating out of the trash it’s not that hard. I…I once killed a dog because it had a piece of a hot dog in its mouth…I…I ate the dog too.

Scott: What?

Little: I…we ate the dog.

Scott: We?

Little: Some other homeless and I. It was so cold. Have you ever been outside during the winters around here? They are horrific. So cold…so cold…

Scott: Bo?

Little: Inside is warm…why can’t I go inside…why…

Scott: Bo?

Note: Interviewee is completely unaware of her surrounding at this point.

Bo: Why…why…why…I just want to go inside…inside…warmth…bed…running water…why….why…

Scott: Bo!

Bo: What? …Where am I…?

Scott: You’re outside, at your home, you were telling me about the dog?

Little: Oh yes. We ate the dog.

Scott: We?

Little: It was me, Jasper, John, and Sean. Jasper started the fire to cook the poor mongrel, John was just there, and Sean…oh poor Sean…

Scott: What happened?

Little: Then nothing, Sean was a butcher before the disease got him…

Scott: Sorry to interrupt, but disease?

Little: Oh it’s just a bit of fancy speak that the homeless use. I don’t know where it started but it’s just what we call homelessness. So anyways, Sean always had his knives and a cleaver on him…

Scott: He had a cleaver?

Little: Yeah, damned it we knew where he got it from, but he never was without them. Anyways, he just goes ahead and skins the mongrel and guts it. Hell he even filets it. Queerest thing I’ve ever seen, but I’ll tell you, it was the best meal any of us had in a long while.

Scott: What happened to Sean?

Little: Well a bit of time afterwards I was just walking him to a food bank, when we were attacked by a mugger. I don’t know what a mugger was trying to get out of two homeless people, but I’ll be damned if he wasn’t out for something. So anyways the mugger attacks me, and Sean just takes that cleaver of his and swings for the mugger’s chest. Misses, hits the mugger square in the stomach, and the Mugger looks down, sees a little bit of intestine peaking out and just stabs Sean in the neck a few times. Real quick like. Like a man possessed...and…and...Sean…Sean…bleeds out…

Scott: My god…

Little: And there I am, trying to hold this man who just saved me, who’s easily twice my size up, and he’s bleeding to death on top of me. So with all my strength I don’t let him crush me under his bulk I manage to put him down, against the cold brick of the building in the alley where the mugger jumped us. And…and…I…I can’t go…can’t go…inside to…to get…to get help. And…and…he just dies in that alley…homeless…at least he wasn’t alone.

Scott: You stayed with him?

Little: At…at…least until…until…he died. Do…do you want…want to see the alley?

Scott: Yes, I would like that.

Note: Interviewee leads Interviewer to an alley about fifteen minutes away from where the interview takes place. Interviewee refuses to get into Interviewer’s car. The walk seems to have a calming effect on Interviewee, while Interviewee does have tears in her eyes Interviewee also seems to walk with a purpose. In between a bowling alley and a closed restaurant is a dumpster across from which is where a small cross is scratched into the wall.

Scott: So this is the alley?

Little: Yes…you can see where he died…and that’s where I tried to go inside to get help, and couldn’t.

Scott: Couldn’t?

Little: I…I really tried…you know…it’s not fair…

Scott: Why are you afraid to go inside Bo?

Little: I’m not afraid, I can’t. There’s a difference between can’t and won’t.

Scott: Are you willing to try?

Little: No…

Scott: Please, for me, for Sean.

Little: For…for Sean?

Scott: Yes.

Little: Ok but don’t get mad when I can’t…

Scott: No one will get mad.

Little: Promise me.

Scott: Bo…

Little: Promise me.

Scott: Alright, I promise I won’t get mad.

Little: Ok, but you have to watch me try.

Scott: I will.

Little: Ok…alright Bo you can do this.

Note: Interviewee takes a few minutes to garner courage and begins to walk towards the bowling alley. Interviewee looks back at Interviewer; who nods in approval; Interviewee noticeably swallows in what is assumed to be fear or frustration; opens the door, stalls for a second, enters the building, and instantaneously appears to walk out the exit door of the bowling alley.

Scott: What!?

Little: You promised not to get mad.

Scott: I’m not mad, I…I’m confused, what just happened?

Little: I told you, I cannot enter a house.

Scott: But, but, but…Let’s try something. I’m going into the bowling alley and we’ll try again.

Little: Won’t matter…

Scott: Please?

Little: Alright.

Note: Interviewer enters the bowling alley, stands about ten feet behind the entrance, Interviewee approaches, only to again enter and instantaneously appear to walk out the exit door.

Scott: Wait, wait….let me try something.

Note: Interviewer exits the building and proceed to approach Interviewee, no one in the alley takes notice.

Little: Hey what are you…

Note: Interviewer proceed to pick up Interviewee, and approaches the door, nudging it open. The second Interviewer and Interviewee enter the building Interviewee disappears and appears outside the exit door on her back.

Little: A little help…

Scott: Oh, of course…

Note: Interviewer proceed to help Interviewee up.

Little: What part of unable to enter do you not understand?

Scott: I’m so terribly sorry. Is there anything I can do to help?

Little: Well money of course doesn’t really help me all that much, but if you want to buy me a space heater and some batteries to power it with I would greatly appreciate it.

Scott: Of course…of course…I also gave my phone number to the charity where you got your phone from, feel free to contact me if you need food or something.

Little: I already have charities that help me with that, but if times are tough I will.

Scott: Good, I would like that.

Little: You know you seem awfully calm about somebody who just witnessed what happened.

Scott: Well Bo, I really wish I could say that this was the oddest thing I’ve run into giving these interviews.

-End Transcript-

Interview #25

Thesis Summary: I believe that in treating the homeless population problem purely on a clinical level we have dehumanized the homeless population. Outside of the Psychologist or the Social Workers office I believe that I can show that the we need to treat the homeless population as people, not a statistic, will will lead to helping the homeless population in a more caring and natural way.

For time and location of interview please see appendix A.

Transcript of Interview Number 25

Interviewer: Owen Scott

Interviewee: Joe Smith

Subject appears to be slightly intoxicated and shows the physical signs of alcoholism. Subject is five foot 4 inches tall and appears to be slightly overweight. Subject has swelling of the hands, possibly attributed to his alcohol intake. Subject also has Telangiectasias of the cheeks and nose, again possibly due to alcohol intake. Subject was found panhandling in a popular tourist area and agreed to an interview upon being asked.

Note on the editing of this transcript: For clarity purposes this transcript has been abridged compared to the original audio log, * marks sections that have been shortened, for an unedited transcript please see Interview Number 25 in Section S5.

-Begin Transcript-

Scott: Alright, Mr.Smith when did you start drinking?

Joe: Call me Joe, and I don't drink.

Scott: Alright, Joe. Well the reason I asked about the drinking is that you are obviously intoxicated at this time.

Joe: Oh, I know. Right, but I don't drink. I have never drank. My father’s life was ruined by alcohol. So I have never touched the stuff.

Scott: Why don't you drink?

Joe: Never seemed too appealing. Like, ok “never” is a stretch, I tried once or twice in my life. Didn't like the taste. I think it would have interfered with my job too. I mean, like, a lot of people in my line of work did drink, did drugs.

Scott: Where did you work?

Joe: I'm not supposed to say.

Scott: Why not?

Joe: It was classified.

Scott: Was?

Joe: Yea, it was dangerous to me if that information got out.

Scott: So its not now?

Joe: I don't know....

Scott: So it would be fine if the information got out now?

Joe: Well I don't want any other sufferers from knowing...

Scott: Sufferers?

Joe: Man you interrupt a lot don't you? Yea people who suffer from the disease.

Scott: And by disease you mean?

Joe: Homelessness. Anyways I don't want them to know what my job was, like these people are my only friends left.

Scott: No other homeless person will know, I give you my word.

Note: Interviewee appears to be agitated.

Joe: Am I supposed to believe that? Some educated son of a bitch comes in and starts pushing me around...

Scott: I'm not pushing you around.

Joe: And now he tells me I'm wrong, you know what I'm going for a walk, fuck you.

Note: Interviewee starts walking off. Interviewer starts to follow. Interviewer is at this point yelling this from afar at interviewee.

Scott: Hey, lets finish this!

Joe: No, fuck o…

Note:Interviewee trips off of curve and falls. After which interviewer and camera operator rush to interviewee's side.

Scott: Hey man you alright, do you need help?

Joe: Yea, just yea. Urgh, my face.

Note: Interviewee rolls over and other than a nose bleed appears to be fine.

Scott: Good...wait, what's wrong with your nose?

Joe: What do you mean?

Scott: Its bleeding, but that doesn't appear to be blood. Quick, zoom in on that.

Note: Camera zooms in on Interviewee's face, while interviewee's nose is bleeding the liquid coming out doesn't appear to be blood, it instead appears to be a amber color and not as nearly viscous.

Joe: Get away from me...

Scott: What is that?

Joe: Blood...

Scott: I can smell it from here, smells like whiskey.

Joe: Well its blood.

Scott: Are... are you bleeding whiskey...

Joe: What are you going to taste it?

Camera Operator: I will.

Note: At this point you can see the camera operator start to reach for Joe.

Scott: What? No.

Joe: Ok, ok...Just don't touch me. How would I say this and not sound crazy? I bleed whiskey...I told you I never drank.

Scott: Wait, you have whiskey for blood.

Joe: I never said that, I just bleed the stuff. Though it wouldn't surprise me if its in my veins. This cannot get out.

Scott: Alright, why not?

Joe: Fuck man, they'd bleed me dry.

Scott: Who?

Joe: The other sufferers.

Scott: Alright...if you don't mind me asking, when did you uhhh...start bleeding whiskey?

Joe: Well, now that this secret is out I guess there's no reason to keep the other one, but this does not would I say this....this does not become common or hell uncommon knowledge in any other sufferers.

Scott: Ok.

Joe: Well the reason I never drank was because I was an undercover cop. Not vice, not like drugs. No I was an undercover sufferer. Hit the gay clubs when theres a rapist about, act like a rube when someones ripping people off, move into a shitty apartment for a month to prove that the landlords a shit head. My last posting, though, was the strangest. Chief looks at me, right, looks at me and tells me I need to be homeless. Now homeless on homeless violence, or uhhh...lets just call them "regular person"...fuck man that sounds ugly...on homeless people cops don't give a shit, right. But we had reports on homeless on uhhhh..."regular person" violence and the cops weren't having it.

Scott: So there was a rash of attacks on the non homeless?

Joe: Yea, and the weird part it was all linked back to this one guy...fuck what was his name...

Scott: Take your time, its fine.

Joe: Well no shit its fine...but fuck...his name was...fuck....his name was Sean! Yea, Sean. Like supposedly this guy named Sean was attacking "regular people", right. But thats not the weird part, the weapon never changed, it was like a big meat cleaver, but no witnesses ever gave like similar descriptions of the attacks. Like the scars and wounds were definitely caused by a cleaver or something, but fuck, without witnesses we had nothing to go to. So bam they set me up to be homeless.

Scott: And so did you ever meet Sean?

Joe: No, like maybe, shit I don't know. It gets blurry. I was homeless for like two days, or weeks, or months. I remember, I remember I met his uhhh...girlfriend we'll call it...I...I...don't remember her name. And she's like "He's going to feed us tonight, you should come, friends are important." So I go, right. And its a shit people are huddled together...talking to Sean, right? But no ones there, and then the meat comes out. Except nothings there, right? And people are like oh god we're going to eat that? But there's nothing there. And then I hear it. The thunk, like meat be cut, and the gurgle of something being drained. And I look down at where everyones looking, and still nothing. And there acting like its just a regular dinner, and I'm just kind of dumbfounded. And the girl looks at me, and actually says "You're being rude, take it." So I take it, and suddenly there's meat in my hand...

Scott: Did, did you eat it?

Joe: I shouldn't have, but I did. It, it tasted like dog. I...I...I don't know why I know that. But I eat it, and feel weird. Like a bit weird. And I go back to the station, give them my account. And they breathalyzer me. I show up like fuck I don't know. Not quite drunk, but definitely been drinking. So chief tells me to go home, its been a hard time. I've got some paid time off, I should take it. So I do. And I never feel like not funny. So I take my paid time off. And I just keep getting meaner and meaner, right? So my wife and I start fighting, and one day I go for a walk. And you know what I see?

Scott: What?

Joe: I see the girl, and she's weeping about how he's been stabbed. How Sean's been stabbed. But theres no one there. She's just looking into pure blank space, and crying. And talking about oh god he's been stabbed. But theres like nobody there. And and, I vomited. In the middle of the street. And I get picked up by the cops, my cops. And brought into my station. And blow in one of my breathalyzers, and I'm drunk. Not buzzed, drunk. So my chief brings me in, says basically between my “obvious break” and my drunkenness that I wasn't an effective cop anymore...bullshit.

Scott: By obvious break you mean psychological?

Joe: Yea, I told him about the meat appearing out of nowhere, and the people acting like someone was there when no one was and all that. So like I get home, and I feel like shit, and my wifes there. And I tell her, and we get on it, and she throws a plate at me. Right? And it catches my arm, and gashes it open. And we both look down and there's whiskey pouring out of it. So I run and I run, and that's the last I saw of her. Its been...fuck I don't know. Fuck...

Scott: Ever think about going back to her.

Note interviewee is getting agitated and loud.

Joe: I tried, but I was...I am homeless and a drunk. And then, then...she fucking moved man! Like I don't have kids. The banks accounts were in her name, she took care of all of it, I was always at work, away for so long, so fucking long, and she just leaves me, no job, no money. That bitch!

Note: At this point interviewee is loud enough to garner the attention of a nearby police officer.

Officer: Hey Joe, you causing trouble.

Joe: No sir.

Scott: He's really not.

Officer: You drunk again Joe? Looks like you just got over a nosebleed.

Joe: Go away.

Scott: I can take care of it.

Officer: I don't think that's a good idea, come with me Joe.

Joe: I don't want too.

Officer: Come on, lets go get you some warm food and a place to stay for the night.

Joe: Warm food?

Officer: Yea, lets go. And turn that camera off.

Note: Tape Cuts

-End Transcript-

Interview #37

Thesis Summary: I believe that in treating the homeless population problem purely on a clinical level we have dehumanized the homeless population. Outside of the Psychologist or the Social Workers office I believe that I can show that the we need to treat the homeless population as people, not a statistic, will will lead to helping the homeless population in a more caring and natural way.

For time and location of interview please see appendix A.

Transcript of Interview Number 37

Interviewer: Owen Scott

Interviewee: Jasper Roberts

Subject appears to be a relatively healthy homeless person at his age (refused to say, appears to be late 50s). Subject is roughly five feet ten inches and average build. While he appears to be irrationally paranoid and speaks to himself; he does not show other abnormal behaviors meaning that a diagnosis of schizophrenia is unlikely. Subject was found through suggestion by Bo Little (See Interview Number 24). Subject was originally hesitant to interview, but once project was described to Subject and Subject agreed the interview.

Note on the editing of this transcript: For clarity purposes this transcript has been abridged compared to the original audio log, * marks sections that have been shortened, for an unedited transcript please see Interview Number 37 in Section S5.

-Begin Transcript-

Scott: Alright, Jasper. Tell me about yourself.

Roberts: You don't know me, we ain't on a first name basis, you call me Mr. Roberts.

Scott: Ok, Roberts...

Roberts: I said call me Mr. Roberts.

Scott: Ok Mr. Roberts, tell me about yourself.

Roberts: Why do you want to know, are you going to use it against me?

Scott: You agreed to be interviewed. You heard about my project and agreed to be interviewed.

Roberts: Alright, and your project was?

Scott: To prove that; while yes there is an increased percentage of mental illness in the homeless population as compared to the non homeless population; that because of their homelessness they aren't treated like people and having unstructured interviews and treating them like anybody else can have a positive effect on their mental health.

Roberts: Ok, ok, I was just making sure it wasn't a scam. Well my name is Jasper Roberts, Mr. Roberts to you, I've been homeless as long as I can remember, uhhh...hold on...shut up, shut up, shut up.

Scott: Are you alright?

Roberts: Yea, sometimes my brain gets way too loud, you know? But I've been homeless as long as I can remember. I used to bounce between facilities, you know the Community Centers, the Soup Kitchens, Hostels, everywhere that would take me; but they aren't nice anymore.

Scott: What do you mean by not nice?

Roberts: Well, they used to feed me, put a roof over my head for a night; you couldn't do it everyday though, that was always the rule...

Scott: Why was that the rule?

Roberts: Well, like it wasn't a rule for the places, it was a rule between homeless. If you go everyday, then someone else may not be able to get their food, someone might not get a roof over their head, Its all volunteer and donation, so they can only do much. If you didn't go everyday, yea you may not eat for a day or two, but like it guarantees that another person can survive the disease for another day.

Scott: The disease?

Roberts: Homelessness, man you’ve heard that before.

Scott: I have not.

Roberts: Boy, don't lie to me.

Scott: I'm not lying.

Roberts: Yes you are, apologize, I know you've at least heard it from Bo at this point.

Scott: You know Bo?

Roberts: I ain't tellin you shit till you apologize.

Scott: How do you know I talked to Bo?

Roberts: Not telling.

Scott: Did she tell you?

Roberts: Apologize first.

Scott: I'm sorry.

Roberts: You're not, but I think thats the best I'm going to get out of you.

Scott: So how do you know I've talked to Bo?

Roberts: I heard the lie when you told me you haven't heard the phrase the disease.

Scott: Heard the lie?

Roberts: Yea, I can hear lies, like in my brain. Well not just lies...its more like I can hear everything that people have done in the recent past, every little bad thing.

Scott: Bad things?

Roberts: Yea like everything, from the fact that you didn't wash your hands last time you used the bathroom or the fact that your camera operator refused to help pay for lunch. I mean I hear big things too. Luckily you haven't done anything big in a while. Watch this.

Note: Interviewee points at a man walking across the street.

Roberts: Yell “hey that's my phone.”

Scott: What?

Roberts: Yea, he's young. Just stole his first phone. Found it on a bench. Maybe stole is a strong word, but he feels that he stole it. So thats good enough. Just yell at the kid, tell him that that's your phone.

Note: Interviewer yells at unidentified person across street.

Scott: Ok... Hey, give me back my phone!

Note: Unidentified person starts running.

Scott: I didn't even have to chase him.

Roberts: Yea he feels really bad about it.

Scott: Well that could be just a really lucky guess.

Roberts: Fine, fine. You didn't wash your hand when you went to the bathroom at the Texaco on 54th. The reason you didn't wash your hands is because you felt that there were too many black people there. And that makes you uncomfortable and you wanted to get out of there. When buying hot dogs, cause it was the quickest food to buy, you not only wiped your hand on your cameramans hotdog, since he's refused to help pay, but also hid the ketchup under the hotdog. The ketchup that your cameraman specifically asked for you not to get, and you claimed not to like. You feel worse about the hotdog then being uncomfortable around black people. Which is a weird thing for someone who wants to have a Doctorate in Social Work to feel.

Camera operator: Dude.

Roberts: I can go on.

Scott: No, that's fine. When did you start hearing all these “bad things”?

Roberts: Well I used to hang with the group of homeless people, and my friend Bo, nice lady, neurotic as hell, but nice, had this boyfriend named Sean. Shut up....shut up.....I don't need to expose

Scott: What, what's wrong?

Roberts: Like, I never talk about that night. Or that day that followed. But the second I started, the voices got louder, they dug deeper into the past. Roberts: Ok...ok, Ill try to keep it under control. No I won't say that. No, what's wrong with you...anyways...shut like Bo invites me to a meal, they caught what she called a dog and Sean was gonna....but...shut up...butcher it. And I get there. Yes I know the camera operator stole pot from his roommate for about a year.

Note: Interviewer audibly stifles a laugh.

Roberts: Is my nose bleeding? My nose feels like its bleeding.

Scott: Is everything alright?

Roberts: No, like normally I hear the voices, and that’s it. I get a bit paranoid. A bit twitchy, but now it feels like there trying to burst out of my head. Saying them out loud, though, thats helping...shut...just make it stop...Ok, my nose isn't bleeding?

Scott: No.

Roberts: Ok...good. So I, I, I go to this thing with Bo, and Seans there. And bam, he like brings the "dog" out. But its no dog. Its like a giant tumor. And I know what the sounds like. But its like a big ass tumor. Like big, red, hairy, just like a big piece of diseased flesh. Right? And so he cuts into it, and it screams, like ever hear the scream of something with no throat, no mouth even? It sticks…

Note: Interviewee points at building across the street.

Roberts:There's a guy in that building who beats his wife...anyways so like he cuts it, and I can't get it out of my mind. But, I'm so hungry. I eat it, and its the best fucking thing I've ever had. But my god I regret it.

Scott: Why?

Roberts: Well I gorge myself, like a pig, and fall asleep. I wake up, see another hobo. And bam, know he killed someone...recently, see another...and bam he's on heroin. Like he used to be.

Note: Roberts points at the camera operator.

Scott: What?

Camera operator:...

Roberts: And yea the voices won't shut up. But its only big things, right. And all I can think is yea, its the meat, its the meats fault, no...its Sean’s fault, he started it. So, I go a bit crazy, but you can't stalk Sean right? Like hes completely forgettable. So I start to try to with it like you dealt with your jealousy when you buried your little sisters hamster, man you were 12, you knew better. Anyways, like I see this guy, with Bo. And I'm not like dressed special or anything, they can tell it's me. But there like don't rob us, like they can't tell who I am. And next thing I know, right, next thing I know I stabbed him. A few times. Quite a few times. In the neck. But he has the cleaver, he always has the cleaver. The one used on the tumor, and he swings at me. Gets my stomach. I look down, and see my guts hanging out.

Note: Interviewee raises shirt.

Scott: You don't have to show the scar, we believe you.

Roberts: Thats the point man, like I don't have a scar anymore. I never had one. Like it healed, quick, like minutes quick. I was so scared, I ran to the police, like I swear I saw my intestines hanging out. And all I wanted was to turn myself in. But the second I walk in to the police station I can hear the cop I talked to took the last donut, another took the last candy bar out of the vending machine, another one cheated on their diet. I had to get out of there. Thats when I had to stop going to shel...its the headaches gone....I feel I know its rude, but I got to get ou of here...lay down...

Scott: What?

Roberts: I never saw Sean again, Bo doesn't know but she doesn't trust me. Like can you take drive me out to somewhere not so populated? I'll tell you one more thing.

Scott: Deal.

Note: Until last exchange tape is small talk as Interviewer takes Interviewee to the outskirts of Chicago, near the Interfaith House Homeless Shelter, upon leaving the car Interviewee turns towards Interviewer.

Roberts: She'll never forgive you.

Scott: What?

Roberts: She will never forgive you.

Note: Interviewee leaves.

Scott: Cut the tape.

Camera Operator: What?

Scott: Cut...The...Tape...Please…

-End Transcript-

Interview #42

Thesis Summary: I believe that in treating the homeless population problem purely on a clinical level we have dehumanized the homeless population. Outside of the Psychologist or the Social Workers office I believe that I can show that the we need to treat the homeless population as people, not a statistic, will will lead to helping the homeless population in a more caring and natural way.

For time and location of interview please see appendix A.

Transcript of Interview Number 42

Interviewer: Owen Scott

Interviewee: John Doe (Note: When asked for his name interviewee responded with: "The outlook knifes a citizen around the touched temper.")

Other than obvious mental disease Subject appears to be a rather healthy individual for his situation. Subject appears to be slightly overweight, with poor skin, and discolored and missing teeth. Subject was found when he noticed Interviewer giving another interview and wandered over.

Note on the editing of this transcript: For clarity purposes this transcript has been abridged compared to the original audio log, * marks sections that have been shortened, for an unedited transcript please see Interview Number 42 in Section S5.

-Begin Transcript-

Scott: Since you refuse to give me a name I'm going to have to refer to you as "John Doe", is that alright?

Doe: Will the blackboard squash the intensive apparatus?

Scott: Uh, alright. How long have you been homeless?

Doe: The article glances a librarian behind the any extremist.

Scott: What?

Doe: Around the convict trips the difficult heterosexual.

Scott: Does your family know you're homeless?

Doe: An organ prints the flooding handicap after the copper.

Scott: Do you have a family?

Doe: Should a nearby battle die beside the flesh?

Scott: do you deal with being homeless?

Doe: Why does the downhill suicide orbit?

Note: Interviewer is obviously exasperated as nonsense answers from interviewee.

Scott: When did you’re trouble begin?

Doe: We ate a child.

Scott: Excuse me?

Doe: We ate a child. She was eight, I don't know why but I know that.

Scott: What?

Doe: We were all there, Beau, Me, Joe, Roberts. I think there was at least one guy who saw us, but I wouldn't know their names. And we ate a girl...

Scott: Uhhh...please continue.

Doe: I would be if you weren't so apt to interrupt. Anyways, we ate this girl. Like Sean...oh I forgot that Sean was there, you think that would be important right? Like he was the one who butchered her. I never trusted him. You know he didn't cast a shadow? Always hanging around Beau. You know Beau used to be my girl. What a jerk, right? I really hated that guy...

Scott: Uh, not to be rude, but could you back to the fact that you ate an eight year old girl? Like why did you do it?

Doe: Sorry, sorry. Whenever I think of Sean my heart just fills with hate. Anyways, we ate the girl because we were starving to death. Sean brought her. Hunger makes you do dark things. The weirdest part was the fact that, and I'm sorry but I don't remember who said what, is how people were reacting. Like there was disgust and confusion. But it wasn't oh god were cannibals, like someone was complaining about eating a tumor, another was confused because they kept mentioning "What food, there's nothing here.", and one was complaining about how she couldn't eat a dog. Which is funny, cause this was the ugliest little girl I've ever seen, I guess that could have been a cruel comment in a cruel situation...

Scott: Why didn't you go to the police?

Doe: Well as you said, when did it all start, this is when. Like I could taste when a word was mispronounced, could smell when a color was used poorly. And so this of course, made me seem a bit mad. Someone with the disease goes into a police station...

Scott: The disease?

Doe: Homelessness, and please stop interrupting. Anyways, someone with the disease goes into a police station, admits to cannibalism. They locked me up for a bit of time, but they found no evidence, no person missing, neither. So they have nothing on me, so they let me go. And I see Sean, and he's standing behind Beau. But she's down on her hands and feet talking about how Sean was stabbed, and he's like right behind her, perfectly fine. And that's the last regular thing I saw. I pass out, wake up how I am now. Smell what you see, hear what you taste, taste what you hear, feel what you smell, and see what you feel. At least I think that's how it is, in all honesty I'm so far removed now I can't tell you if thats correct.

Scott: What?

Doe: Perception Layer.

Note: At this point Interviewee reaches out and grabs Interviewer by the hand, upon skin on skin contact Interviewer’s eyes roll back into his head.

Camera operator: Shit! You ok Scott?

Scott: The solar porter discovers the plant underneath the oppressed entrance.

Camera operator: Fuck! I hope this works.

Note: Camera operator tears his shirt, reaches over and removes Interviewee’s hand from Interviewer’s hand, whereupon Interviewer’s eyes return to normal.

Camera Operator: Scott you alright?

Note: Interviewer is visibly crying.

Scott: The interviews over.

Camera operator: What?

Scott: This interviews fucking over, cut the tape.

Note: Interviewer reaches for Camera, camera cuts.

-End Transcript-

Written by : Brian Shadensack