Our Baby Boy

I held the little guy in my arms, only three weeks old and sound asleep. My husband got the camera ready. Both of us were filled with excitement because we had a very special surprise for our little baby. He was so precious to us and without a doubt a blessing in our lives.

“I’m almost ready,” Tom told me, smiling as he made his last adjustment before he began filming us. “Too bad your parents couldn’t be here. I mean, I know they want to see the newest member of the family really bad.”

“It's okay,” I said. “I’m sure they’ll see this video after we upload it.”

“Okay, I’m filming, show him the surprise,” he said happily. I gently put down the boy who slowly woke up. He looked around the large glass tank he was now in. The heat lamp shined brightly in the infant’s face and it began to annoyingly cry.

“Still not as bad as his Mom's whining when I took him,” Tom muttered.

I just kept watching the tank. My baby flicked his cute little tongue and began to slither to the boy we had gotten for him. The child began to give an ear-piercing scream as my baby stared at him, preparing to strike. Tom zoomed in with the camera, making sure he would not miss his first meal. The infant kept screaming as my baby’s adorable head began to move around, looking for a good part to bite into. In a blink of an eye my baby’s coils began to wrap around the infant as me and Tom lovingly cheered him on.

Written by Zarathustra86
Content is available under CC BY-SA