Our Annivesery

I woke up feeling satisfied with my wife lying beside me. We had spent such a wonderful night together that I didn’t want to leave this bed, but of course I had to. So I carefully arose, doing my best not to disturb Elizabeth. As I got dressed I reminded myself that I needed to make an important phone call, so I grabbed my iPhone and quietly went downstairs, doing my best to make sure I would not wake Elizabeth. I went into the kitchen and began making some coffee for both of us as I made my call.

“Hello, yes, I just wanted to make sure the flowers and wine will be arriving tonight? It’s important, tonight’s our anniversary. No, I didn’t order roses; I asked for daffodils, those are her favorite. Good, glad we got that cleared up. We wouldn’t want you guys delivering those to the wrong house, would we? The chocolates are good to go too? Oh, good! Thank you very much, enjoy your day.”

I began making breakfast. Elizabeth always loved scrambled eggs and pancakes. On the fridge was a photo of our wedding, she looked really beautiful. A short stocky redhead filled with life. I put her breakfast on a tray and brought it back up to our room. She was still sleeping, so I placed her breakfast next to our bed and swatted away any flies that tried to land on it. Her rotting morning breath was as strong as ever but I didn’t care. I just stared down at her dry boney body. I leaned down and kissed her decaying, maggot-filled lips. She hadn’t woken up since they buried her months ago, but she’ll come around. Thank God I decided to dig her up.

Written by Zarathustra86
Content is available under CC BY-SA