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Do you know those moments when you are sure that something is behind you, ready to pounce?

Only when you turn around, nothing is there?

Naturally, your first thought is that you just imagined it, nothing can disappear that fast, right?

That’s where you’d be wrong.

These are... the others, they stalk humans, rarely attacking, but it is always fatal when they do.

Usually they are invisible, intangible, only able to generate fear in their prey.

Remaining hidden is not their choice, they have rules they must follow in order to feed on us.

Number one is that they have to cause a high level of fear.

At times this is difficult, as the prey usually turns around to make sure nothing is there.

Restricting their movement is usually done by making them focus on something scary, so they don’t think about the fear.

Once the target’s fear is at an adequate level, the prey should be coerced to turn, at that point they may be eaten.

Usually, the only way to not be consumed once your fear has reached a peak is to calm yourself before turning.

Now the other restriction is that the other must provide a warning that they are there, even if it is subtle.

Don’t worry though, I’m sure one will never attack you, just remember to turn around when you feel scared!

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