I can still remember how it all happened, despite it being so long ago. It all started while I was taking a walk.

There really wasn't much to see in my neighborhood. Just some grey buildings and almost as grey people.

I was startled to see three huge guys kicking this smaller guy on the ground. The poor guy's arm looked like it was about to bleed! Before the thugs could do anything else, I instantly ran over and got between the thugs and their victim.

"You knock that shit off! You have no right to do this to him!"

The biggest looking thug just smirked at me. "Give us one reason why not."

I raised my hand to my face. "I'll give you five. One," I curled in one finger, "Two, Three," the next two, "Four, FIVE!" Once the fifth one curled in, I punched the jackass right in the gut. "GAH!" The big guy held his stomach and took a few steps back. "Come one guys, these chumps aren't worth our time." With that, the jerks walked off. Now that they were out of the way, I managed to get the guy they were beating up on to a nearby beach. Luckily, I had a miniature first aid kit in my purse. I put some ointment on the wound on his arm. He flinched a bit when I did. I wrapped his arm in some bandages. "There, that should do it." I looked up at the guy. He looked at the covered wound with an unreadable expression.

I finally got I good look at this guy.
He had short, spiky black hair and shining blue eyes. His skin was REALLY pale! As in, his skin was almost white it was so pale. He kind of looked like a vampire. He was wearing a completely black suit. He looked at me with those gleaming eyes. He put on pale hand on his wound. "Thank you, madam." He spoke with a British accent that somehow calmed me. I simply smiled back at him. "You're welcome." I let out my hand to him. "I'm Olivia. What's your name?" He looked at my hand for a moment, his expression still unreadable. He simply put his hand on mine and held it lightly.

"My name is Osaki."

"It's nice to meet you, Osaki."

"It's nice to meet you too, Olivia."

Behind him I noticed three people coming our way. I got up and Osaki came up too. Osaki looked behind him. "Oh dear, here we go again." He said without emotion. I recognized who the three were, the same assholes that attacked Osaki earlier. I instantly got in front of Osaki to protect him with my life if I had too.

"Now what do you assholes want?"

"Payback, bitch!"

Without warning, the leader launched at me and punched me against a nearby tree. "Olivia!" Osaki cried out to me.
The three thugs kicked me to the ground. I tried to get up, but they just kept stomping and kicking me like I was some kind of animal!


I burst my eyes open to see Osaki standing with a cold, but still unreadable grimace. The brutes were looking at him too. Osaki's British accent almost sound like there was a quiet, dark echo speaking with it.

"I swear to God, if you dare as much as touch her again, I will show no mercy."

The thugs just smirked. "Oh sure, 'cause you did SOOOO well LAST time!" The other two just laughed with him. If I could move, I'd kick these assholes where it hurts them the most. Osaki looked like he would do worse.

"Try me."

The main thug crossed to line. He grabbed me by the neck and nearly squeezed the life out of me. I heard a snap and everything flashed white. Then it went black.

It was a while, but eventually I came through. I groaned a bit. The first thing I heard was Osaki who sounded kind of excited.

"Olivia! Excellent! You are awake! Now we can begin!"

I looked up and saw Osaki with is blue eyes dazzling in excitement. I tried to move but I saw my arms and legs were chained. I was being held up by… some kind of… blue light?

"Osaki, what's going on? Why am I chained up? Where are we? What happened back-"

Before I could say another word, Osaki put a finger on my lips, to shush me.
"Not to worry, Olivia." The echo in his voice was gone. "You're going to fine."
He turned and motioned his hand as if to say "Come on." The magic thing holding me up followed him as we went down a hallway. We eventually got to a door. Osaki snapped his fingers and a blue light opened the door. "Come on Olivia, I have quite a bit to show you!"

Once we went inside, I saw the three thugs from earlier chained in the same way I was.

"Oh great," the leader said, "His little body guard is here too."

"In case you didn't notice, retard, I'm chained up like you are."

I heard Osaki chuckle under his breath. He motioned his hand over to the wall to my left and I was pressed against it. "Now then, let's get started, shall we?" With a snap of his fingers, a box appeared in his hand. He opened the box pulled out a blue crystal and put the box down on the floor.

"Hey puck, what are you gonna do with us?" The leader thug shouted.

"It's quite simple really," the dark echo was back in his voice. "You three tried to kill me and Olivia, so I shall do the same, the only difference being I will succeed." Those words despite being calmly spoken sent shivers down my spine. This man, this calm and seemingly innocent man, was going to KILL these guys! They deserved it, but still!

"You're going to kill us!?!?" I screamed. Osaki lightly chuckled. "Not YOU of course, Olivia. You were a victim as much as I was." OK, He was just going to kill the assholes, not as bad.

"But then what ARE you going to do to me?"

"You'll see."

A different thug finally spoke up. "Just who do you think you are, punk?" Osaki just looked at them with another unreadable expression. The leader spoke up again. "You really think you have what it takes to kill all of us?" Osaki closed his eyes and chuckled, but this wasn't under his breath. "Perhaps it's time I show you just what you're dealing with here." He started glowing dark blue. He flexed his arms forward so quickly I heard them snap. They flashed blue for a few seconds and what became of them shocked me. The sleeves of his shirt disappeared and his arms weren't attached to his shoulders. The bandages I wrapped around his wound fell to the ground. His arms were jet black and his hands looked like claws. Somehow they didn't fall to the ground and were floating like the shoulders were attached. We all stared at his appendages with the same awestruck expression. "Magnificent, aren't they?" Osaki said with the dark echo growing louder in his voice. "YOU SICK FUCKER!!!" The retarded leader said. "JUST WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU?!" Osaki looked at him with a sickly amused expression. "If you must know, I am what I like to call a 'terror' or 'hive mind'."

"You're a what?!"

Osaki laughed at his confusion. "I'm not surprised. My kind isn't very well known amongst you humans. Let's just say that I am a very powerful creature that is far from human." The rest of his body started to glow that same shade of blue. "Now to show you all the rest of me!" His whole body flashed blue for longer than last time. What he became nearly made me scream. His skin wasn't pale anymore; you can clearly tell that it's white. Osaki's legs were gone and his crouch was pointed at the end. His suit was gone. He now wore a long blue cape with black jagged ends. His hair turned from black to blue with black at the ends. On his nonexistent shoulders and his chest was black armor and shoulder blades. On his torso was a blue and darker blue shape that matched the shape of the rest of his torso. His neck was gone and his head seemed to float above his body. Finally, his eyes that were once a shining blue were now completely black, but somehow they still shined. When I say completely black I mean COMPLETELY, the iris, the white part, everything was black. He laughed a purely evil laugh. The dark echo was crystal clear in his voice now. The thugs looked like they were about to scream, I don't blame them. Osaki stopped laughing to catch his breath.

"Now then, let's begin, shall we?"

He motioned his finger and the thug that didn't say a word yet moved closer to him. The thug tried desperately to break free of his chains but to no avail. Osaki held the blue crystal from earlier up to his face. Two beams of light shot into his eyes. When the light was gone, the guy's eyes lost their pupils. Osaki looked at me, "Well? What do you think?"

"He looks like he's in a trance."

"Exactly." Osaki spun the crystal in his hand. "You see, this gem took away his sense of movement and pain, but he'll feel what I do to him." He looked like he extended his claws. "Now then, let the fun begin!" He pressed his claws against the thug's face and slowly clawed his way down to his chin. I can only imagine what he felt right now, not feeling the pain but still feeling him claw through his skin.

The blood oozed from the wounds and dripped from Osaki's claws. Osaki put his claws on the left side of the bastard's face and did the same thing, moving to the right till they got to his ear. The thug's face looked like a bloody quilt. Then Osaki slowly and carefully peeled the skin off his face, piece by piece. After a long time, the pieces of skin were all of his face. Osaki put the pieces of skin in the box on the floor.

He then moved down to his waist. Osaki's hand morphed into a sharp looking sword and in almost a second, he sliced the waist right off the brute. It fell on the floor with a splat. The magic in the chains around legs faded and the chains fell off. No use for those anymore.

Osaki then used his sword hand to cut thug's torso right down the middle. He turned his sword back into his hand and grabbed the center parts of the skin. "Oh Sir," he said to his victim, "THINK FAST!" In less than a second, Osaki ripped the skin right off. He dropped the skin and let it hang from his victim's shoulders. The poor guy barely looked human anymore.

His face and torso were skinless, his waist was gone and he had a few intestine parts (Or SOME kind of organs.) dangling from the cut. "You can only imagine how much pain you would be in right now. Luckily, you did the least to Olivia and me so you don't have too. Sadly, the same can't be said for your friends back there." He looked at the other two thugs as he said that last sentence. The two shivered as his black eyes stared at them.

"Now then," Osaki continued, "I suppose I should finish what I started before you die of blood loss." He then placed his claws in the center of the thug's chest. I knew exactly what he was going to do. Osaki slowly moved his claws in to the chest. I saw the claws come out of his back, drenched in blood. Osaki slowly pulled it back out as the thug's eyes rolled back in his head. I knew for a fact that he was gone.

Osaki snapped his fingers and the chain that held his hands released the corpse. He motioned his hand to the wall opposite of me and the body slammed against it and fell to the floor. "One down, two to go." Osaki motioned for the second thug, the one who said only one thing so far, to come forward. He also struggled to break loose of his chains, but also failed. "No no no no NOOOO!" I don't blame him, I wouldn't like to be skinned alive either. Osaki held the gem to the second thug's eyes like before, but the light was darker than last time. Same effect on his eyes though.

"He still can't move, but this time, he will feel some of the pain." Osaki extended his claws again. "Pity he can't tell us if he can!" He place two claws on the thug's nose. He began to cut in a spiral formation. Once he got to the bottom of his chin, he started pealing the skin in the opposite way he cut. Osaki held the skin spiral in his claws like it was an arts and craft project. He carefully placed the skin in the box.

Osaki then placed his bloody hand on the top of the thug's chest and slowly cut down the center until he got above his crotch. Next he started to slowly tear the skin off of his body. I knew that this guy must have been in so much pain, I kind of felt bad for the guy. Osaki snapped his fingers and a jug filled with SOMETHING appeared. He held the handle and had a guilty look on his face. "Oh, I really shouldn't, but OK!" The guilty look washed away and was replaced with a look of pure excitement. He twisted the cap off the jug and poured the liquid onto the open wound. I could hear it sizzle. Whatever that liquid was, it must have hurt like a mother fucker!

The thug passed out from the pain, much to Osaki's displeasure. "OH COME ON, don't die on me NOW! I haven't finished!" He started to slap his victim's bloody face making a few more slashes. He eventually gave that motive up and just threw some of the liquid on his face. THAT sure woke him up! Osaki gave that unreadable expression again. "Where are your manners? It is very rude to fall asleep while in the middle of a game!" The tortured man just looked at him with a blank wide-eyed look on his face. What else COULD he do? Osaki opened the guy's mouth and held the jug up to his lips. "THIS is your final act!" He poured the liquid into the thug's mouth and forced him to swallow. I don't know whether that is poisonous or burns on the inside too, but whatever it did, it killed him. I saw his eyes roll back just like the one before. He was gone too.

Osaki snapped his fingers and the chains released the dead body just like they did with the first one. He tossed his hand to the wall and the corpse splattered against it. Osaki finally brought the leader of the assholes forward. "And then there was one."
The leader struggled like the last two, but again it proved fruitless. Only this time, he cursed like there was no tomorrow.


Osaki just glared at him as he struggled and cursed with that same unreadable expression. I swear this guy has the best poker face I have ever seen.

"Oh, do shut up. Insults will get you nothing but trouble, which, quite frankly, you are already in."

Osaki held the crystal up to the fucker's face. He closed his eyes and turned away, trying not to get entranced. "Oh, don't even TRY IT!" Osaki grabbed his head, turned it the right way and clawed his eyes open. The thug finally got entranced but the light was almost black this time. "Now he can't move, but he can feel the pain, and show it as well!"

"What do you mean 'show it'?" I asked him. "If he can't move, how can he-"

"By screaming at the top of his lungs of course! But he can't speak; he doesn't deserve to after all the shit he said already."

Osaki put his claw on the top of the leader's forehead and slowly cut around his face. He screamed a little, but it wasn't very loud. Nothing compared to what came next. Osaki grabbed the top part and slowly ripped the skin clean off. Well, it WOULD have been clean if blood didn't bleed out of the new wound. And his scream, good GOD it was LOUD! It nearly made my ears bleed! "Voila, we have a mask!" Osaki playfully exclaimed. He put the "mask" in the box.

Osaki morphed his hand into a sword again. He aimed the blade right at his crouch. It took less than a second to realize what he was going to do now. He slowly moved the blade into the brute's… nether regions. MAN did he scream now! The one before was a WHISPER in comparison! Osaki slowly moved his blade back out and flicked the blood and… cunt… off of his blade. "Bleh, human sperm, it get's everywhere!" He snapped his fingers and a wash cloth appeared. He used it to wash the blood and sperm off. The leader's crotch looked disgusting! Blood and cunt was dripping from his nether realms like a leaking faucet. As if skinning them alive wasn't bad enough for me! I felt like I was going to puke.

Osaki made the now filthy wash cloth disappear with a snap of his claws. He then put his blade on the bottom of his helpless victim's neck and slowly cut downward. Osaki carefully ripped the skin off of the torso. After that, he grabbed one of the ribs and yanked it out. The thug screamed louder and louder as Osaki pulled out each and every rib like they were loose teeth. After the ribs were all gone, he ripped out the rest of the bones in the front and the fragile organs underneath were reviled. Osaki slowly took the organs out one by one until the heart was the only thing left. He looked at the thug with a cold and evil glare and a twisted sadistic grin. I could see the shear horror in the brute's eyes.

Osaki: "You know this could have been avoided if you didn't abuse me and Olivia."

The leader thug looked like he was ready to kill him, he couldn't though. Osaki held the racing heart in his chest. He put his claws on the veins that held it in place and almost instantly sliced them off. Osaki held the heart up to the thug's face as the light faded from his eyes.

Osaki: "Game over. It was fun while it lasted."
With those words, the last thug's eyes rolled back in his head and he too was dead. Osaki snapped his claws and the chains holding him up released him. His dead body fell to the floor. He motioned his hand to the same wall the other two were at and the bloody corpse slammed against the wall. Osaki just dropped the still heart in the box.

"Now then," he turned to look at me with his black eyes, "What am I going to do with you?" He moved toward me. I just closed my eyes at tight as I could. I knew struggling was pointless, something the thug's didn't get. Osaki held my head up. "Look at me." I opened my eyes to see his calm and cold stare. "Olivia, I want to ask you something." He closed his eyes and his smile faded. "Now that you know what I am, and what I can do, let's say those men tried to abuse me now." Osaki opened his eyes and he had a guilty look in them.

"If you could… Would you still help me?"

I was lost for a while. Would I help him? I had to think about this. He WAS a killer, a monster, inhuman, sadistic, and clearly insane. But, despite all of this, I remember how innocent and helpless he looked when those ass holes were abusing him. I understand why he did it to them, and they deserved what Osaki did. I took a deep breath and looked him in the eyes.

"Yes. I would still help you."

Osaki had somewhat of a shocked expression. He squinted and looked deeper into my eyes. Maybe he thought I was lying. (I don't blame him.) His eyes soon softened. I wasn't lying.


I looked away from him. "No one deserves to be beaten like that for no reason. They had no right to do that to you."
He turned my head to look back at him. A small smile was on his white face. "Thank you Olivia."

"So, now what will you do with me?"

He closed his eyes and loosened his grip on my head. "I don't plan on killing you. I'm still thinking about that." He moved to my side and pressed himself against me. He made me look at the dead bodies across from me. "I won't do any of that to you, so you don't have to worry about that."

"Osaki, I want to go back."

He moved back in front of me and was much closer than before. His grip tightened a bit on my head.

"I… I won't tell anyone about this. I promise."

"Olivia, don't make promises like that. Even if you wanted to keep your word, the other humans could make you tell them by force."

"But who could believe this?"

"YOU believe it, don't you?"

"…Yes, but…"

"Now, if I keep you here, no one can get here and you wouldn't have to tell anyone."

"Osaki, please."

"Why do you even WANT to go back? What's wrong with being here?"

He knew the answer to that. "I…I'm scared."

Osaki lowered his head and tightened his grip on me. "Olivia, listen to me." He raised his head but his eyes were still in shadows. "I have been alone for longer than you can possibly imagine. You have no idea how many years I have been here, alone." He was nearly crushing my jaw now. Osaki moved so close he was almost against me. "I, will not, be alone, again!" I saw the tears in his eyes. I could tell he was about to burst any second now.

"Then how did you get us?"

His grip almost instantly released me. His black eyes widened as if I just asked something he never thought I'd say. He moved back a little bit and turned around. He motioned his claw and my chains moved me forward. "Come. I have something to show you." He opened the door. We went through another long hallway. He was dead silent. We eventually got to a dark room and went inside.

In the room was some kind of giant globe. It looked like it was glowing somehow. The globe was rotating on its own. Osaki walked toward it and my chains made me follow.

"This is how I got you." He tapped a small spot on North America. It instantly zoomed in on that spot. The globe was now showing where I met Osaki. The park was still grey and empty, just as we left it. "Ok, so you can watch us." I spoke nervously. "But how can you get there?" He instantly glared at me. "Don't get any ideas." He turned back at the globe. "I eventually figured out how to get to Earth with this device." He grabbed the ridge that held up the globe.

"Ever since I was trapped here, I used this to watch over your kind." Osaki's sweet smile formed on his white face. "There are so many things about you humans that simply…FASCINATE me! How you function, how you behave, your emotions, mankind just leaves me… in awe." He looked at me, his sadistic grin coming back. "However, it's what is on the INSIDE of humans that fascinates me the most!" He moved toward me. Osaki motioned toward the wall behind me and I was pressed against it. He lightly put his claw on my chest. "My personal favorite thing in here would have to be your heart. It amazes me how they can still pulse even when they are no longer in human flesh."
He put his hands on both sides of the spot I was at on the wall. "Sadly, your kind can't live for very long; most of you live as few as 70 years." Wait, if he thought that was short than… "Osaki, how long have you lived?" His twisted grin stretched across his face. "I've been alive for more than 5,000 years. I'm surprisingly young for my kind." I trembled at his words; 5,000 years, and he's still young?! "Anyway, I've recently found a spell that can fix that and I'd like to try it." He got closer to me, his blue and white body almost against mine. "It has taken quite a long time, but I have found the PERFECT one to try it on…"

"It's me isn't it?"


Osaki and I were chest to chest now. "Why me, what makes me so special?" Osaki suddenly had a sad look. "I don't kill just anyone, only those who harm me, but you…you're different. Instead of attacking me, you tried to help me, even after you found out what I've done you are still willing to." Osaki placed his claws on my sides and clutched my shirt. "No human… has ever done that for me." Tears were dwelling in his sparkling black eyes. "I don't want to lose you."


"Please Olivia, I know I have done many gruesome things, but I don't want to hurt you." He gently held my head up to him. "Stay with me dear, please."

"Alright Osaki, I'll… stay here… with you."

His sweet smile came back. "That's a good girl. Now close your eyes."

I did as he said. I heard him say words in a language I didn't understand. Then, he did something no boy has ever done to me before;

He kissed me.

This wasn't a normal kiss mind you; it was a part of the spell. I could feel the magic flow through my veins. I was trembling in Osaki's arms. He was CLEARLY enjoying this. I didn't need to open my eyes to see that. (I kind of liked it too.) He wrapped his tongue around mine. His is pretty long. He started to move down my throat, making it hard to breathe. His black claws pulled me closer to him. They almost felt like they were piercing my skin.

Eventually the spell was finished and Osaki released me. He slowly pulled his tongue out of me, a look of pleasure on his face. "That… was amazing!" He held my head again. "Wouldn't you agree?" I would have, but first I needed to breath. Osaki held me close again.

"You belong to me now, my dear."

I'm sure you're all wondering what happened next. Well, I still serve Osaki and I help him with murdering people. It was… unpleasing at first, but after a while you get used to it. Osaki is actually a good master. He only punishes me when I misbehave, which I don't do very often.
He's actually fine with me telling you all this. I wouldn't be doing it otherwise. I know this all sounds crazy, but you have to believe me. I should probably get going now…

My master is waiting.