Before you read

Sorry if you find some grammar errors and some spelling errors. I wrote this story when I was young, so if you find some errors, I apologize. It is a VERY good story though. So if you read it, thank you so much.

The Story


-Place: Secret Operation’s Base -Location: Somewhere in Nevada -Date: June/8/2000 -time: 14:00 -Intel: Special Unit’s Jack Donald, Caleb Capperson, Paul O’neal, and David Mc Coin’s Mission Briefing.

"Men, I have a top secret mission for all of you! You are all going to Sanford, Maine! We have intel that terrorists are hiding out in an old, abandoned brick factory. Your mission is to go there, and take them out." Ordered the General. "Jack Donald, you will be leading this mission, we are counting on you." That was what I was told that day, before we left. That day, I was a Hero, but no one believes me. What I saw back in that building, was like nothing any one had seen before! No mortal eyes have laid sight to what seems to be something that belonged to the burning bowels of Hell. Not until that day. Please listen to my story, it may one day save your life. That day, I was with my squad in the helicopter. Let me tell you about my squad. First off, was Caleb Capperson. He was a medium height, thin guy. He was always good with acrobats, but it seemed like he practiced more slang than anything else. Then there was Paul O’Neal, he was the human heavy weaponry. He was the real life Rambo, able to kill some one with one single punch to the face. Then there was David, my trusty, loyal companion since high school, always there for me when I needed it most. Our personalities are almost the same, but not quite. I miss David the most from that day. Any ways, back to the story. "How do terrorists infiltrate Maine!? This is crazy foh’ Schizzle!" Caleb Complained. "I don’t know how, but either way, we have to take them out, one way or another." Answered David. "Exactly" Paul and I agreed. We were almost there.

-Place: Unknown -Location: Sanford, Maine -Date: June/9/2000 Time: 7:00 -Intel: Special Unit’s Squad lands for Operation: Pitch Black.

We landed, honestly, I was a little scared. "It is going to be alright Jack." David told me, which comforted me a little, but not a whole lot... We got off the chopper and it flew off. What we were seeing was a big brick building, which used to be one of the old factories of Sanford. Some thing strange mingled out of the sight of the building, some thing wasn't right. I had goosebumps. It was very old, and vines were growing on the walls, windows were barred up and the glass was broken. That was just the inside.

"Alright boys, it's time to move out!" I ordered! "Follow me." They did. We snuck up the door, I got chills, and you could smell a nuance of some foul odor from the other side of the door. We tried turning the handle, it wouldn't budge. We had to get out the C4. "Who has the C4?" I asked. "I do!" Caleb yelled excitedly. He was the explosives expert, so I let him do his job. Before you knew it, he had the explosives all set up. We ran and got protection. He detonated the bomb, and blew the door in. Smoke was every where, we all were coughing up a storm. When the smoke cleared, what we saw was just, disturbing...

"Enter if you dare..." Was written in blood on the forehead of a dead terrorist. He was hanging by a chain, his neck slit. It was sick, inhumane, and disgusting. What mind could come up with this... The smell was putrid, and the building was dark, almost pitch black, except for the door wide open and the little cracks in the walls. Columns were lined up all over the building. Spider webs, little wet spots, it was totally abandoned, or was it? We turned our flash lights on and got are guns pulled out. We all headed left first. "What the heck!" Yelled Paul. He tripped over a body, but it was only a torso. He was missing limbs, and his head. The weirder part, the stubs all looked chewed up! "I don’t think I want to do this any more!" Caleb said, really shaken up.

"We have to, it is our duty. This is what we signed up for." Answered Paul, a little scared to. "Come on, we got to move on." I told every one, and they agreed.

We moved on, all scared, but things were getting weirder and weirder... The walls were all covered in this red mushy stuff, looks like chewed up flesh. It smelled so bad, I was gagging.

A light bulb hung from the ceiling. It was flickering on and off. Our flash lights died on us. "What is going on here!" Caleb was cowering. "I don't know, but I want to get out of here!" Paul said, really mad, but fear infused with it. A blood curdling scream came loose, and a sound of flesh ripping and blood spilling silenced it. We all ran up ahead. All we saw was a head on the ground, eyes gone, it was another terrorist. We looked up, and all of us looked up, what we saw was indescribable. A creature with hooves for legs, human body and arms, giant demon like claws shot out, and it's head, was like of nothing I have ever seen. It was human alright, blank white eyes, stitched mouth, bald, missing a nose and ears, and scars all over the place. It was horrific.

A giant tail, with a sword built in to the tail, shot at us, almost getting us. "Open fire!" I screamed out of desperation, hoping it would kill this, thing. A shower of bullets Swiss-cheesed the fowl beast. A laugh emitted out of no where, and the creature melted into the fleshy building. A fleshy wall shut us in from behind, darkening the area. I heard Paul scream, blood spill, and then Caleb. I was in tears, I could barely make it out, but their two bodies were mutilated, in unexplainable ways. I took out my knife, and started slashing away at the flesh wall, and made a hole. I told David to get over here. He was missing his left foot, he was sobbing and on the ground. I dragged him out of the hole.

After a few minutes, we made it to the door. Then, something was tugging on David, and he screamed for help. I tried my best, but my hands were blood covered, and he slipped out of my clenches. He was dragged in to the darkness, screams. At that time, I made a name for this place, The Belly of the Beast.

I walked out, dropped onto the ground, and I was crying. I lost my friend and my squad. I was so emotional, I had to do something, revenge. I had to go back. I grabbed a grenade launcher from my bag and walked right in. The demon let out a laugh, and appeared in front of me. With some type of force, he pushed me on to a wall and pinned me there. I heard something crack in me, and I let out a screech in pain. This was it... or was it?

The demon slowly walked up to me, and chuckled. With all my power, I slowly lifted the grenade launcher. "Eat this!" A big explosion went off, and I lost my left arm that day...

I crawled out of the building, a chopper landing with the General, and a medical team. Another squad ran in to the building. They found only the bodies of my fellow squad. Nothing else was found in the building, and the General never believed my story I told them. It has been eleven years from that day, and I am in the insane asylum. They think I am insane, a killer. They observed the bodies of my squad and confirmed that they were missing limbs from a knife, and were riddled in bullets. It was my knife that carried the DNA of my squad.

Every now and then, I hear that awful laugh in my head. I am never coming out, and I am growing older now. Please, you have to believe me! It seems far fetched but it is all true! I am convicted of murders that I never did and I will be trapped here forever! You gotta get me outta' here! Don't shut that door on me, please!

-Intel: Today is June/9/2011, execution day by injection for Jack Donald, reasons, murder. He seems to be very insane. This seems to be the end.