I suddenly sat up in bed. I don't know why I do it every night, or what drives me to wake up so suddenly. It just happens. I then grab my phone off of my nightstand. The time reads 12:12 AM, like usual. All is quiet as I drag myself out of the only place where I feel secure. Once out of bed, a sudden wave of vulnerability crawls over me. I slowly creak open my bedroom door and step out into the hallway, dimly lit by only a small plug-in nightlight. The air is still, and the silence is deafening. I figure a quick drink will help me fall asleep once more, so I begin to walk downstairs.

As I walk by, I glance into nearby rooms, their doors wide open in an eerie welcoming way. However, they're not just regular rooms anymore. The darkness has transformed them into large, pitch black voids. I have no idea what could be in there, something could be watching me from within the void. Something lurking and waiting until I got the crazy idea to venture into it. As I uneasily continue walking, staying as far away as possible from the unsettling and creepy rooms, I can almost feel someone staring at me from behind. I know I'm the only one awake... but it seems like the feeling of eyes piercing into my back only grows more intense. I don't dare turn around, I can only silently wish that it's just my imagination. The silence is heavy, almost too much to bear, until... I hear the faintest sound of breathing.

Something is behind me, undoubtedly getting closer. I start breathing heavily as I quicken my pace to the kitchen. As I come close to the corner, I soon realize the thing that's pursuing me has claws. Click....Click...Click... was the utterly horrifying sound of its feet against the tiled floor. As I round the corner as fast as I can, I catch a glimpse of the monster, its dark silhouette limping after me. Its only distinguishable feature was its illuminating white eyes. I break into a run for the kitchen. When I got to the end of the hallway, my heart was racing, I hurriedly switched on all of the lights. I quickly turn around, expecting to see the creature rounding the corner after me. But I no longer heard the sound of its footsteps... It was gone. I sighed in relief, "It was only my imagination." Then I walked into the kitchen to grab a glass of water... and let out a horrified scream.