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Headset with microphone

This story occurred quite a few months back, and reconsidering the circumstances, I'm surprised I haven't shared it until now.

A brief introduction - my name is Steve. I'm one of those teens you'll see who sits in his room, constantly letting out prodigious yawns while sitting hunched over in front of his computer. I have this circle of friends which compounds of other people who do the same shit as me. The really close ones were Eric, Damian and Jason. Man, we're retards when we're online together. We're gamers, you with me?

It was, if I remembered correctly, around February or March. I can't exactly remember the specific date. My parents and I(my big sister was somewhere overseas studying) had moved into this house sitting at the corner of a small town. It was kind of cozy, so I had no complaints. Anyway, my gaming computer was one of the few necessities I needed so I just set it up in my bedroom while my parents were shoving the parcels around, trying to decide on what to place in the storeroom. I didn't really need much, so that was it. I shut the door and called my friends so we could meet somewhere in a game. I then propped up my headset. It's quite cool and the mini-microphone attached to it is really bendy. Eric, Damian and Jason and a few other of their friends met up with me on Crysis 3 and then we started playing. Then it's the usual crap. Exchange of expletives, laughing and self triumph.

After about half an hour of playing, I swear I began to feel slightly uncomfortable. No, not the cliche "chills" you feel in a typical ghost story setting atmosphere, it was kind of like a small, nauseous feeling thumping around in your body. It could be shaken off and I had began to ignore it after playing for a while. Then it started getting really bad after 2 hours. I felt really dizzy and exhausted, which didn't make sense since I had spent most of my time sitting down on couches and the back of a car. I guess it was kind of obvious that my friends started catching on. This was the conversation, which went something like this between me and Eric over voice chat.

"Hey, you going sick or something?"

"Nothing, I kind of feel like throwing up. How the hell did you know?"

"Your breathing's all heavy with the static, dude. And you're not talking so much. Go visit a fucking doctor or something"

So I did what I could. I went to the toilet and vomited. I can't say it didn't help, but I still felt really nauseous after leaving the toilet. I went over to the computer, picked up my headset and wore it, and the next few words I heard have bored deep into my mind ever since.

"Oh, hey, the real one is back."

Brief snickers from Eric.


"Your big brother or something. Tell him to stop dicking around."

"What the fuck are you saying?"

"He was whispering unintelligible stuff in his scratchy voice into your mic. That's not funny, it's kind of creepy, man. At least he's not as retarded as you, so to speak. Does he have throat cancer?"

"Look man, I'm serious. Fucki-"

"Sorry about the throat cancer part. It's a joke. But he's-"

"I don't have a fucking brother! I'm alone in the room!"

There was a long silence. At this point, I was still under the belief that Eric was fucking with me at some lame attempts at his humor, then I noticed how dented the mini-microphone on my headset was. It had been bent. It had been bent at an incredibly awkward angle. I didn't even touch the thing. I just spoke into it to communicate online.

I walked to the door and held the knob. It was still locked. Tried the windows. Locked. Nobody was hiding anywhere in my room.

I can't explain this. Nobody talked about it since then. We had moved out of that house pretty fucking quick, and all that while I had made it a point not to sleep in my bedroom. About two months later, we got into another house. And on the last day I inhabited that place, when I was moving out with my parents, when I was carrying the gigantic parcels that rested on my hands and all, as I passed by my bedroom one last time before I walked out of the house, I could have sworn I heard something from the room.

Heavy breathing, from a scratchy throat.

Written by PrimalES 
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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