One sleepless night

One night I woke up from a restless sleep, I didn’t realize it at first but it was a noise from downstairs that woke me up.I turned over in bed to my wife but she wasn’t lying next to me. I assumed she was the one making the noise and as I was so exhausted from work the day before, I fell back asleep.

I woke up again, it seemed like I had only dozed off for a minute or two. I looked to my left and saw that my wife had not yet come back to bed. I was concerned for a moment and so I tried to lie in bed until she came back upstairs but I soon fell asleep again.

I woke up the third time and heard the small creaks of the wooden stairs leading from the first floor to the second, where my bedroom is. Step by step she was getting closer except it seemed curiously quiet for a grown woman.

I whispered her name as I did not want to wake up the children down the hall, I got no response, but surely enough the steps kept getting closer and closer to the top of the staircase. I tried again, “Stacey?” I said, and again I got no reply. As she was walking up the stairs I got out of bed and began to walk toward my bedroom door. As I opened the door I let out one final attempt at catching her attention, “...Stace?”

I saw her facing me at the back end of the hall, it was so dark that only her white bed gown was distinguishable in the night. I could see the whites of her eyes clearer than her face.

She started walking toward me and at that moment I heard a rustle on my bed. I looked back to see my wife turning over in the covers. I looked back to the hall and saw her white gown sprint down the staircase in silence, and out the front door.