"It's one second before, time has froze, and I am God. I suggest you don't look into my light, for the slightest exposure will torch every last bit of flesh right off of the bone, and your eyes will shrivel up to the size of raisins. Cover your ears when I speak with the sound of a thousand sirens, and when my voice travels through the streets with a resonating force, you should cover, because it will decimate even the largest of cities in a matter of seconds.

"I possess a power that so far, is only understood by fiction. I must use it to become known among the people. When I reveal myself to the world, destruction will ensue. People will die, but do not worry about this. I have faith to save humanity, and I will help fix the hatred and disgust in the world. Why are you so naive, my child? Do not complain, for it was your blatant ignorance that has left me without another viable option, I cannot simply concern my conscience to take the time to morally justify it, it's what has to be done.

"There's a lesson here though, for the world won't stop forever. When the world continues its routine, and the scars have healed from my visit, try your hardest to be peaceful with each other, don't make the same mistake over and over again. Take my word with more than a grain of salt, I am God."

There was no more room on the front side of the paper, I had flipped the page to the back. It read:


"The second was up, and everything around me faded, forcing my attention to switch over to one thing, my mission. I descended further and further to the ground zero, and I made a realization. I am not God, I was merely an ignorant design of man, made to play the role of God.

"I drop from the Enola Gay, and reveal myself to the world."

Written by NathanLeachman
Content is available under CC BY-SA