The studio is now abandoned

Have you ever heard the story One Chance? No? It is an indeed grim tale.

This is no once-upon-a-time story. Oh no. This is real. It involves a movie made a long time ago...

On December 8, 2008, auditions were held for the movie One Chance. There was a total of 21 main roles to audition for. The movie was never advertised except for one flyer, that only 14 people found. These people auditioned, not knowing what lied ahead.

The auditions took place in an empty building known as the Lion's Den. It was one of those old abandoned buildings that townsfolk would spread rumors about. Stuff like, "Hey, the Lion's Den is haunted by an evil ghost!". None of these rumors were true, however, the building did have a dark secret.

The people who came to audition did not audition, instead the director simply GAVE them the parts. The director is said to be Merle Guince. Police are still searching for him to this day. Why? I'll tell you.

You see, One Chance was not a movie. Mr. Guince had posted the flyer to see who would fall into his twisted trap. He had a huge set of props and stages, yet the actors wondered how they would produce the movie without about half of the actors. They didn't find out the truth until an hour after the beginning of auditions.

Mary Jemine, age 22, was the first victim. The movie was a simple horror movie, however, you had one chance to do your part. Mary, oh poor Mary, had a few lines. She was supposed to run from a crazed man with a chainsaw. She tripped while running, which wasn't in the script.

"Oh, Mary. I was so bored! Thank you for letting me begin." said Guince.

Mary was about to ask what he meant when she was decapitated, her blood splattering all over the walls and other actors. This is what the title meant.

One chance.

All of the actors were dead by morning. One thing that most people don't know is the true meaning of what Guince was doing.

You have one chance at life. Mess it up...

...and you're dead.