Creepy street by oniromancien-d4tztwb

Notice: Free Foo Fighters tickets being sold downtown at the Riv! ONLY THIS SUNDAY!! DON'T BE LATE!! ONLY DECEMBER 12th THRU JANUARY 11th!!

Notice: My dog's name is Max, he's almost three years old now, a Pomeranian with a shiny brown coat. I miss him very much, anyone with information on his whereabouts (Last seen at Chicago and Milwaukee.) please, please call 1-771-509-777, please I love and miss him very much. Great reward if you help me find him...!

Notice: Howdy stranger! What's your name?

Notice: Lookin' for hot singles but just having no luck? Come off it mate, come on down to crazy Jack's Emporium, just on 2220 Western Avenue! I promise you won't regret it! Dozens of hot and gorgeous singles waiting for you, yes, YOU, to take them home!

Notice: I see you standing there, I know you wanna' talk! Don't be shy! :)

Notice: Help needed cleenin cleaning house no good at English, pay very well for hellp, only work ten hours a week, very cheap-

Notice: [overlapping the last notice] I can see you scanning these little notes. Do you not want to talk or what? I know you can see me.

Notice: Come on, you can even see me from the window! I'm wearing the flesh-coloured shirt...!

Notice: Have you seen this teenager? [image of male Hispanic in later teens with a grubby soul patch] Last seen February 14th of 2014, wearing a black hoody and straight fit jeans, at Armitage and Kimball... If you have any witness accounts contact Cook Western Police Department immediately.

Notice: Mary, I love you. I'm sorry for what I said, I can't live without you. Please come home. <3 -Josh

Notice: The dog was almost as much fun as the kid. They both really know how to have a party! Especially the part when they oozed-whoops! You weren't there. No spoilers! Wish more people had been there.

Notice: Looking to rent a room next door at apartment 350, right across from this wall. No neighbors, very lonely, and plumbing drips all night. Sounds like someone chuckling, very annoying.

Notice: Eh, all these notices are no fun. Nobody pays any attention to them. But I know you are now. I can see your brain working down on the street below. It's cute.

Notice: You're so cute. Look how scared you look. Don't worry.

Notice: I'll be down there in a second. It's dangerous to be on the streets at night.

Notice: Come inside. It's nice and cold, just they way we like it.