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Note to Self: Put out the candles in the bathroom.

Note to Self: Unplug the radio, it keeps turning on in the middle of the night and it's getting really annoying.

Note to Self: Clean up the spare room. Ted is coming to stay for the weekend.

Note to Self: Polish the kitchen counter.

Note to Self: Pick up my anti-depressants from the Pharmacist at 3.

Note to Self: The side gate keeps opening by itself. Replace the locks.

Note to Self: Kettle broke. Get a new one.

Note to Self: Could have sworn I unplugged that radio. Be less forgetful in future.

Note to Self: Condensation keeps re-appearing on the kitchen window. Maybe turning on the heating less will fix that.

Note to Self: Untangle the wires in the electronics drawer.

Note to Self: Creaky floorbords in the attic keep me up all night. Have them looked at.

Note to Self: Bring Stacy to La Porte Rouge next weekend. It's our one year anniversary.

Note to Self: No more dairy products before bed. Had horrific nightmares last night.

Note to Self: Stop all this pen scratching.

Note to Self: Bring the dog to the vet. Seems agitated. Keeps barking at corners.

Note to Self: Clean out the ash from beneath the fireplace.

Note to Self: Condensation still appearing on window. Have electrician look at it.

Note to Self: Put folded paper under leg of kitchen table. When I sit there it rocks.

Note to Self: Seriously need to compensate for that shorter leg. It's rocking by itself now.

Note to Self: Reduce heat setting on the iron. Nearly burned another piece of clothing today.

Note to Self: Don't trust Ted.

Note to Self: Sweep the sunroom.

Note to Self: Why shouldn't I trust Ted?

Note to Self: Do not look in anything reflective.

Note to Self: It's aware.

Note to Self: Keep away from neighbor, I saw her mouth on her forehead today.

Note to Self: Do not open the door for anyone.

Note to Self: Replace its face on every portrait with my face.

Note to Self: Get away from the whispers, they're following me.

Note to Self: I own this house forever.

Note to Self: I can control him.

Note to Self: I prefer controlling the house, it's pretty.

Note to Self: Man is lying on floor after eating a lot of little round white things. dog keeps sniffing and whining.

Note to Self: He has been here for a while and the dog just ate some of the little white things on the floor.

Note to Self: Dog is now on floor too.

Note to Self: I look pretty beside Stacy. Like this house.

Note to Self: I should find Stacy.

Note to Self: Ted is at door.

Note to Self: Don't trust Ted.

Written by CrashingCymbal
Content is available under CC-BY-SA

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