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Non-existence is a haunting idea that all of us have confronted at one point or another. If it is lost loved ones, lost friends, or even our own death, we all have to think on the concept one minute or the other.

Out of body experiences, recollections of dark nothingness, Hell, Heaven, Valhalla, Orch Or theory, I dare you to find one and be comfortable with it. You aren't built like that. You aren't meant to attempt to comprehend these things.

You are a piece of the universe. When you first began, the Big Bang gave birth. When your body first began, your mother gave birth. Through billions and billions of years, the perfect coincidence possible occurred, and primordial ooze formed life on this precious rock.

Let me ask you a question. If you were sawed in half, which half would be you? Given that you survived, you would say the conscious half. This isn't exactly true. Each half is 50% of the whole puzzle. Now, what percentage does that make your body, to the universe you are a part of?

Now, back to the topic of death. When you die, do you now believe you return to your cosmic percentage? It certainly is you, and certainly owns you, just as you own your lower half. Now, with all this talk of spirits and ghosts, how do you not know you are not a product to another creature, one which is a bigger percentage to the universe than yourself?

To those who come back and say it was everlasting nothingness, perhaps they aren't supposed to know?

Some things like to remain pretty little secrets.

Written by ShawnCognitionCP
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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