The Collector With Apple

Fiend is Like Friend Without the 'R'

In my longing for freedom in my native homeland, my soul finally broke through the barriers of my mortal frame. Each night, I soared free to destinations strange and exotic. My nightly wanderings I later recalled in a leather-bound book kept hidden from prying police eyes.

I did not know what sort of creature I was exactly whenever I went on my nightly ventures. Perhaps a wraithlike vapor or maybe even a bird. Whatever the result, I see the same thing in a mirror or a pool of water — a delicate brown-skinned girl with golden eyes and snow-white hair. Instead of silken pajamas, I am wrapped in layers upon layers of sky-blue feathers.

One day I was traveling along a creek that meandered its way through flower-filled meadows bordered by conifers. Grapevines and roses crowded clusters of decrepit buildings. Stray peacocks, ducks and cats roamed about the thick grass. I stopped at one such place that had an orchard in back. Climbing an apple tree, I wedged myself In between a thick branch and the trunk. It was late summer in these parts. The apples were ripening on all the trees. I couldn’t eat them, though, as my body was still in bed back in my world.

“One of these days,” I told myself moodily. “I’m going to summon enough willpower to shift myself completely here and live like a hermit monk. I will gather and hunt, and have plenty of free time. Perhaps I’ll even adopt a few pets.”

I looked off towards a range of mountains which were an interesting blend of shades of purple. I wonder if I could taste one of these apples; I’m feeling kind of hungry right now. That’s when a scaly hand holding an apple reached out from behind me and a sibilant voice said, “I’ll be your pet, Fräulein.”

"No Place Is Unknown to Darkness"

"No Place Is Unknown to Darkness"

Written by Mmpratt99 deviantart
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