I am one big Follicle.
I don't need a hair to grow.
I rip each one out by the root.
I don't even need a pair of tweezers.
Acne! Pore-agony!

Eyebrows are always itching.
My eyelashes start their twitching.
My zits are my shit.
My shit is my zits.

Needles! Acne!
Good God, look what I've done to my poor skin!
Digging holes with this dirty pin!
Broken nails— left finger, right finger.
A giant cyst, one white eye unblinking!
A raw pimple. One red eye peeing!

Oh, my God, it hurts!

What is wrong with me?
When I pull skin, it stings!
What is wrong with me?
My scabs are bleeding!

That fucking hair root is moving again,
Under my skin!
If I can find that one fucking hair,
I'll pluck it out and it will be okay!
It will all go away!

Please let me have time to heal.

Inspired by Nirvana's Milk It.
Music and lyrics were written by Kurt Cobain

Written by KillaHawke1
Content is available under CC BY-SA