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Nightmare finn adventure time by danluvisiart-d64futq
The Lich King stabbing Finn.
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Adventure Time. A typical, children's TV series on Cartoon Network. Or so it may seem. Behind the show's colorful visuals and humor, lies a dark back story, or otherwise known as the "Mushroom War." Tons of fan fics, rumors, theories, and stories have spawned from this, and Nightmare Finn is one of the creepiest. Enjoy.

The land of Ooo is bustling with activity, particularly in the Candy Kindgom. After nearly one thousand and thirteen years of rebuilding after the mushroom war, society has taken living into it's own hands. Here we meet Finn, a blonde headed boy who wears a funny hat, and Jake, a dog with the ability to stretch seemingly miles on end. In the throne room of the Candy kingdom, Princess Bubblegum, a spawn of the mushroom war, stands, while Finn and Jake take a knee.

"People of the Candy kingdom! I have a huge announcement! As of today, our heroes Finn and Jake, have slain the Lich King!" Roars could be heard from the crowd, excitement thundered through the land of Ooo. A sense of security had overcome the people of Ooo. Finn thought about how far he had come over the years, battling villainous foes, saving people from the grip of death. Becoming a hero is what he had done, and he was glad.

Later that day, in the tree fort, Jake proclaimed how useful his powers were in the battle against the Lich. "Being born with so much power is a great feeling, especially for someone like me." Finn said, with a straight face, " Thats nice and all, but imagine how it feels for me dude. It makes me jealous." Finn felt powerless, like a cardboard cutout compared to Jake's magical abilities. Jake apologized accordingly, seeing the sad look on Finn's face.

Midnight. The tree fort was quiet, and an eerie mist had covered the majority of Ooo. Finn had a nightmare that night. The lich spoke to him, saying stuff like, "The power belongs to you, Finn. Take it from the useless dog, and prove yourself worthy of the title of a hero." Finn, overpowered by the Lich's spell, peered over to Jake with a burning stare. His eyes had turned red. His teeth began to form into carnivorous, surated. yellow fangs. He got up out of the bed. Walking over to Jake, he began to understand why the Lich had taken him over, but still he walked forward.

The power he craved lied within Jake. He stood next to the sleeping dog. Sniffing him, and getting a feel for his flesh. With wide open mouth, Finn sank his fangs into Jake, tearing and ripping at the neck. Jake let out a blood curdling scream, but was soon silenced by death. Finn, still tearing away, chewed the meat of his dear friend, swallowing the chunks of Jake. Soon bones were visible on Jake's carcass, and a bloody mess lay around the room, and around Finn's mouth.

Finn felt a twitch...

His arms and legs began to stretch uncontrollably, flailing wildly in the air. A hysterical, mad laugh was let out from Finn. The Lich's spell had almost wore off. Commanding Finn, the Lich raised Finn's sword to his chest. Pushing, the metal soon slid into and cut away at Finn's heart, killing him, and the hope for the people of Ooo.

The Lich could finally destroy all life.


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