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Nightmare Bed

Nightmare Bed Ep.1

It would be like every other night: I would stay up with my sisters, watching TV and playing outside.

I would always have a fun day, but when it came close to night time, I hated it. I always feared going to sleep. Each night, I would get dressed, brush my teeth, and say good night to my parents. Afterwards, I would go to my bedroom. I was always awake for ages.

I could hear ringing noises, and I felt extremely hot. Too hot to go to sleep. When I would fell asleep, I would have nightmares about this...thing. A non-human type of thing. It would whisper to me, but I couldn't quite understand it. I would be extremely terrified. This lasted for 3 years; I had turned 10 at the time.

For a time, I could go to sleep without having terrifying nightmares. I was so happy, but as I thought more and more about what the creature, who waited for me each night at the end of my darkest dreams, had whispered to me. I began to get nightmares again, though not as extreme. Overtime, however, they grew more frightful. It was all coming back again. Then one cold and windy night, I had a horrifying night terror!

I woke up in my room like I would wake up in real life, except it was very dark. Suddenly, before I could think, a woman in a black cloth looked at me. My face swung to my chest; she was stabbing me! I could hardly breath; I thought I was dying. Still being constantly stabbed, my face was forced to the left, where a smaller girl stood beside the woman stabbing me. Her face was completely covered by her long, black hair.

She stood there, staring at me. I woke up, and my mother said she heard me screaming and gasping for air. I was too afraid to tell her what had happened to me, so I told her I felt sick. The next day, there was a note by my bed. I carefully opened it, eager to see what was written on it.

There it was. The woman in black and the small girl with the long fringe. My heart stopped. I rushed to my mom to show her the note, but as I ran, it began to turn into cold ink. The paper was burning, and the ink got all over my clothes. I shouted for my mom.

I looked up from my ink-covered clothes, and there, standing right in front of me, was....

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