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A few years ago I came across a website called "" I've been afraid to tell anyone about it for a while now, because of the haunting memories it gave me, but I think that it's better to warn everybody now before anyone else can access the site.

At the time I thought it was just some ordinary creepypasta website, but the cool thing about it was each story had a video to it. That was the coolest thing about this site! Along with the fiction, you get a nice video, almost like an independent horror movie. The best thing about this site is that with every post, the stories just got scarier! And I realized the acting and props in the videos got cooler and more realistic.

A post made in December really topped the entire site. The pasta was called "Bodies". I don't really remember the pasta word for word, but the video stood out in my mind and will continue to for the rest of my life.

The video thumbnail was the most attractive thing about the pasta. It was a bright red mask, looking like it was painted with blood, with a smile carved into it.

At first I thought, Holy shit, that looks awesome! How wrong I was.

It started with a woman running through a house from the man with a mask. Her acting was so real, it actually made me scared for my life. She trips over her feet a few times and looks like she is fearful of something real. I noticed the format of recording was like a camera from the earlier years; it showed the date, time of recording, and REC in the corner of the recording. It wasn't just one camera, though- it was spread out from every corner of the house. This video happened in real time.

The woman finally stumbles into a basement. This is where the video gets disturbing. She falls onto a blood-stained, concrete floor. The video turns into a point of view look, and bodies are hanging from the ceiling. These aren't fake, though. There are flies around the bodies and maggots are eating away at the skin of them. I noticed a sin from the bible carved into their flesh. They had the sin they committed carved in their chest, such as 'adultery' 'fornication' or 'lying'. Who would be as cruel to do this?

From the look of their necks, these people were choked to death. I wanted to throw up and smash my computer, but I watched on. It zooms in on the woman, and the man walks up to her and sticks his knife into her chest, then chokes her until she stops breathing. Later you see her hanging from the ceiling, with a carving in her stomach that says, "Whore." She has no eyes in her skull.

I tried watching again and recording it, but my computer exploded. I bought a few more and every time I enter the address, my computer blows up. Maybe you'll have a better chance finding it. Please, I beg you, if you do come across that video, do not watch it! I haven't been able to sleep well in years, and this is the first time I've felt the need to share my story. I find that the only solution to get rid of these memories is death...

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