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As my breathing slowed, my heart relaxed and my mind cleared. I began my song, the sweetest melody combined with my nectar-like voice. The sound created was like none other. A symphony of the Gods, as I would like to call it. Such harmony! Unfortunately, this serenity would not last.

Something was watching from afar. A creature so hideous, so vile and so terrifying that whoever laid their innocent eyes on it would cower in the most paralyzing fear.

This creature's eyes shone a bright yellow in the moonlight. Its unkempt feathered wings stood at the ready to take it into the black sky, and its filthy blood-coated talons that had taken so many lives were ready to pounce at its next victim.

From where I was, everything seemed peaceful. It was as if the universe had finally achieved a motionless state. But this was strange as I did not hear anything else but my own melodic symphony. I was unable to sense the demon approaching from behind. I paid for this ignorance.

As this demon crept up behind me, I finally felt that something was off. I looked over my shoulder only to see it swoop down towards me from above. It was at that moment that all calmness left me, and a tremendous fear took its place. My pupils dilated as adrenaline flooded my system. I started sprinting for my life as I dodged hurdles and obstacles. I could almost feel the creature's claws trying to grab at my flesh! When I almost tripped and nearly fell, I felt the most excruciating pain!

One of its talons managed to catch my skin. Even with this pain, I kept running and running hoping for a miracle to save my life! I felt every drop of sweat that found its way into my freshly made wound. I cringed as my back burned with ever more ferocity. My end finally came as I lost my footing and tumbled to the ground.

I had one final look at this monster as its talons closed their grasp around me. They cut into me like a sharpened saw through wood. No amount of struggling could free me from the monster's grasp. I stopped moving and accepted my fate. For what could I do?

I was a mere cricket that was caught by an owl.

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