It was around 12:04 AM when I realized how late it was, and that I had school tomorrow. I had just watched half of Mulholland Drive, that crazy film by David Lynch, and then I shut off the TV. What happened next baffles me to this very day. After trying to sleep for about 20 minutes, I began hearing what I can only describe as "blue noises"; random, deep sounds, undescribable. I must have fallen asleep shortly after that, because I started dreaming. I was in school. It was completely dark. There were voices, familiar voices, only the people weren't there. There was no one in the high school.

I woke up, a numbness shot through my body. One of my eyes was half open and I couldn't close it. There was a man standing in the doorway of my room, the light in the hallway was on behind it. I wanted to close my eyes, closing my eyes at this point would have been the equivalent of winning the lottery. Like a game of peekaboo, if I closed them he would be gone. But no, it stood there menacingly. Then I was in the school again... or so I thought.

I had never seen this place before; its design resembled that of the school, in front of me two buttons. One blue, one green. I pressed the blue one out of pure impulse, I was lucid. I heard the loudest scream I had ever heard before in my life. I still don't know why that scream played. As I came back to my room, I had woken up again, the figure was 3 steps closer.

I am not going to lie to you, I had initially forgot about the horrible figure that was in my room when I was transported back into dream state. I began crying, the most genuine cry I had ever felt in my life. This was it. This was how I die. Things were blurry as my eyes were filled with tears, and I couldn't blink, paralyzed as I was. The tears were just gone, and kneeling next to my bed, the figure. He spoke to me in an extremely deep but emotionless voice, "Enjoy life while it lasts, you don't have as much time as you think."