When you hear it,
Call your name,
You feel compelled to answer back.

Although you fear it,
Just the same,
The words will go, you won't come back.

It's not your fault, For, 
If you try,
You couldn't even move an inch.

You suddenly know,
How to go,
About this, THERE, you run.

But this particular one.
It happens to have a revolving gun.
A bang,
A drop,

This can't be real.
You shouldn't feel,
You wouldn't hear... The..

No, you did. The pain is flowing,
Always growing barely slowing. 
And you feel the chase beginning,
This is sickening, the air is thickening,
The flow is quickening, And when your listening.

Rise. You float, and then you fall. 
A whisper cries from through a hall.
A drop of water, no, it's blood.
A demon drops, and never cuts.
A moment starts, but then collapsed.
All of this within a flash,

Of light, So bright, and then a line.
Flowing straight, sowing kind, 
Into the world. You start to laugh,
It feels so great it feels so gratifying.
You feel like flying, And then the line begins to fade.

You try to hold onto the shade. The single blue that brought the way,
of feeling like you never will, or ever have. 
You start to slip, You fall.
You catch, what's this a branch? You say,
And latch, the root you hold begins to snap. 

You scream you wake. You feel a snake. 
No, say you, 'tis just a thought.
'Tis just a trick, a devilish wick,
upon the candle of my brain.
And then refrain, from thinking then,
About the night you never spent.

Awake, you say, Now I'm awake.
Nothing more than just a lake,
A pool,
A float,

Without a boat, a simple dream, 'twas nothing more,
'Twas just a boat without a shore. But at long last,
I woke and grabbed a dirty glass and filled the mug,
With dirty wine and drank away.

You awake.