It's close to midnight, you've just recently crawled into bed because you have school tomorrow and your parents don't want you staying up too late again surfing the internet for porn. Pulling the covers up around you, you lean over and turn off the lamp next to your bed, plunging the room into complete darkness.

As you lay there trying to sleep, you suddenly get this strange feeling that something might be watching you. At first, you chalk it up to some childish fear of the boogeyman out to get you. Unable to contain your laughter, you let out a soft chuckle as you roll over on your side and try to get to sleep, only to hear a faint giggle come from somewhere in the room. Bolting upright, you frantically look around, searching the darkness for whoever might be in the room with you. Turning on the lamp on your nightstand, you get out of bed and slowly begin to walk over to the closet across the room. By now, you've looked the entire room over and see that there is no one there. The only logical answer being that they're hiding in the closet.

Grasping the doorknob, you slowly pull the door open, only to find nothing but clothes, some old toys you use to play with as a kid and other miscellaneous junk that's lying in heaps. Shaking your head, you silently chastise yourself for such childish antics. You should have known that there was no such thing as monsters, that they only existed in creepypastas and other campfire tales told to little kids.

But, as you slowly begin to close the door, you hear a soft child's voice from inside the closet whisper, "Daddy, thank you for the present! Can I go play with it now?"

"You're welcome, dear," an older voice whispers in the darkness, "say hello, to your new playmate."

Written by Jisatsukyōtei
Content is available under CC BY-SA